Friday, 30 September 2011

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Varnish In Beanie ♥

I picked this colour up today from my boots as i had a £5 off No7 voucher so i only paid £2  
RRP £7.00
I don't think i could justify spending that much on one nail polish!
I was after mushroom colour and i picked up this one called Beanie.

This is my first time with No7 nail varnishes and I was impressed, they dried quickly and the brush is thick so it gives an even coverage,

I put about 3 coats on so i could get a flawless finish and this was the end result.

Its a little darker than the bottle colour but some dry darker don't they?

I love the colour :)

What do think?

Have you tried any of the No7 nail varnishes out before??

Thorpe Park ♥

I'm off there tomorrow :) me and my fiance have got free tickets so we thought why not, were off on the road trip up there tonight to stay in a hotel so we can be up and fresh in the morning :)

Picture taken from

I'm taking my camera so there will lots of piccies and I'm so glad is going to be hot :) i can top up my tan 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend in the sun 


Day 12: An Artist You’d Love To See Live ♥

Bruno Mars :)
I love his album, he makes me want to dance around the house
& i wish a guy would write a song like "Just The Way You Are" to me :(

How I Spent The End Of Summer Part 4 - The End ♥ Picture Heavy

So I didn't want to bore with like a ten part series lol, so this is the final bit of my holiday.

So the last two days of our holiday we spent them in a water villa, I'm not made of money and neither is my fiance, we saved money purposely to spend at least one night here as i do like some lap of luxury once in a while and tbh we might not get to do it again :)

 So we payed for one night, prefably our last, as we wanted to leave with a bang, lol!
But they rang our room on Monday night and offered us a free night so i was super happy that they'd given us an offer like that.

I of course took it :)

All the room had separate numbers with the name of fish on it :)
 Water Villa's are room in the middle of the sea, and they were amazing, i won't lie about that, i wished I'd of had the money to stay in one for two weeks.
This was our room we had, the bed was soooo comfy.

The best part about it was the fact that i woke up to a sunrise and the sea's reflection on my ceiling, it was so surreal.

There was a  balcony that you could go down the steps and into the sea, which i didn't do as there were some huuuuuuuuge Trigger fish lurking and i didn't want to get bitten.

We even got to eat breakfast beside the sea which was so lovely and the view from the jetty was like a brochure picture.

The breakfast was amazing, i could of eaten it everyday!!

It really was the best holiday I have ever had and i would recommend this place to anyone, you don't have to be rich to book a holiday here like most people seem to think, you'll be amazed how cheap it is.

Take Me Back :(

These are a few extra pictures from the holiday:
Picture Heavy!!!

Sunrise on the last day, I had to get up at 5.45am but it was worth it :)

Our bar staff, I'm here with Becky one of the girls i met while I was there, she was lovely.

Daz modelling a snorkel lol

Me on the second to last night :(

Me & my baby :)

Gorgeous beach on a lovely sunny day :)

The dreaded triggerfish


Thursday, 29 September 2011

BINTM Winner Jade ♥

I was so happy when Jade won this show, she wasn't one of my favourites to win from the start but as the competiton got tougher she began to grow on my, just like Tiffany did in the last series, i hated her at the start.

I recorded BINTM as i went cinema to watch Stupid Crazy Love the night it was on, so i was rather disappointed when it was all over facebook who had won before i'd even watched it.
I knew i should not of gone on facebook (damn it) but anyway i watched the final last night, and she well and truly deserved to win :)

Well Done Jade...

I came across some pictures of her behind the scene photoshoot with Revlon on Facebook just now, she is such a gorgeous girl and a very lucky one to :)
All that free make up.........

These pictures have been taken from Revelon!/RevlonUK

Here's to seeing more of this lady in the future as i think she represent us normal beautiful girls :)
Not stick thin size zero's

& you can also enter a competiton to win goodies and a chance to meet Jade:

 WIN a day in London with our Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model winner Jade, PLUS over £2,000 in luxury prizes!
This fabulous prize pack is just packed full of girly goodies! Including a night at the Mayfair Hotel, a Mulberry bag, £500 House of Fraser Voucher, a makeover and £500 in Revlon Goodies, a chauffeur, spa pampering, dinner and drinks at Aqua Bar the list goes on…

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Win A Model's Own pastel Collection ♥

My gorgeous friend Rachel Crawford Over At Life Of A Sweetaholic is holding this competition to win all these gorgeous colours from the Models Own Range...

Enter HERE

& be in with a chance of winning this fab prize!!

Day 11: Current Celebrity Crush #2

Paul Wesley -
 I have no idea if its because he plays a vampire in vampire diaries, or the fact he's just pretty hot, I'm not to sure but lets just say he brightens up my night when he's on the television :P

Does anybody else love this boy?:)

How I Spent The End Of Summer Part 3 ♥

Halfway through our holiday, we got to go on a sunset fishing trip, now fishing isn't normally my kind of thing, so i thought I'd give it a go anyway.

So there we were armed with makeshift fishing rods, with a bit of line and fish on the end.

I was expecting to catch these tiny fish like you do, sadly the only thing i caught was a plastic bag because I'm not really that amazing at fishing to be honest, but i got a sunset out of it and an opportunity to try fishing, so i did actually have loads of fun.

All the guys were all in competition with one another to see who could catch the most fish, bit silly really but what can you expect from guys??

Some of the fish that people caught were huuuuuge though.

Most of the holiday was spent on the beach, as you do, and I really would do anything to be back there right now, we met quite a few other couples so it was nice to meet someone new :)

The beach was full of hermit crabs, i loved constantly terrorizing them by picking them up by there shells!

& a monterey eel lived in the jetty we sunbathed near everyday, who ate bread!
I wouldn't want his jaws to come near me though.

One day when we were sat on the beach, i was just in the water when i heard lots of commotion and people getting there cameras out, i was a little confused till i spotted a baby black tipped shark, who we nicknamed - "by Joe" Bertie, he must of been injured so he was swimming close to shore, he stayed round the same place for a few days, but he was completely harmless, he would just swim around our feet!!!

But the best part about the holiday was the all inclusive cocktails :)

One one particular night which was Maldivian night, they cut coconuts down form the trees and opened them up in front of you and served the coconut juice with vodka or a drink of your choice, they were yummy!

Read Part 1 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cancer Research Vintage Purchases ♥

So i nipped into my local Cancer Research today and came across these bargains even though I'm on a spending ban again atm!lol!

Miss Selfridge Cardigan 

New Look Jeggings 

Total Price £5.50 :)

Both items are unworn as well so you can't go wrong at that price, and at the same time I'm helping a good cause!

What do you think?

Picture Of The Month ♥

I've been a little naughty and i keep forgetting to update this, i'll keep an eye on it now!!
So my picture to round off the end of summer and one of my new favourite pictures of the year :)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love ♥

So i'm off to the cinema (that makes it the second time already this week) but i have a free ticket from 02 Priority moment and I will be using it before it expires.
So i'm watching this tonight ... ekkk!
I'm a huge Emma Stone fan and also i get sneaky peak of Ryan Goslings abs :)

So here's a few of my favourite pictures from the film and of course Emma stone herself

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