Wednesday, 28 December 2011

NOTD - Colour Block Nails ♥

This is a quick and easy Nail Art to do, you don't need to be a professional, and it can liven up any nail colour, just by using a contrasting colour,

To do my nails I've used a dark blue, and a lighter Turquoise Blue,
I used these nail polishes below,

I got this idea from the Front Cover Metallic Nail Collection I got for Christmas,

I like doing something different all the time with my nails, and paint them different colours constantly to match my mood,
I guess feeling blue has matched my mood these last two days, probably the Xmas blues!

To paint your nails like this, do the following,

You paint your nails with the darker shade all over first, then when its dry, use the lighter colour and draw a line across the centre of nail, then fill it in using the lighter colour on one side,
Don't worry if the line isn't perfect, do what i did, i used the darker shade to neaten up the line,

You can use contrasting shades of the same colour like I have or use bolder colours that match,
in all different colour block designs like the one's above, be as creative as you want,
Its a good way of matching your nails with your outfits, and it can be done as quickly as painting your nails one colour.

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