Friday, 23 December 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Haul ♥

In my blog post from a few days ago i told you about a fab deal that was on Wowchers website,  
A Montagne Jeunesse Pamper Basket that was £30.00, i bought it for £12.00 on Wowcher and payed the £2.99 postage, 
Well it arrived super fast and i was really surprised by how much i got,
So i thought I'd share with you the fab products i got in my basket.

Doesn't look like lots but there was lots,

Cinnamon & Ginger Self Warming Mask Tottle (10 applications for £4.99)

*Cracked Lips Lip Balm - £2.99

* Fask Masks, Peel Off & Mud - £1.09

* Foot Scrub - £1.09
*Foot Cooler - £1.09
*Tired Leg Gel - £1.09
*Buffer & Butter - Price Unknown

*Hydrating Gel Masque - Price Unknown 
*Fine Line Mask - Price Unknown 
*Ultra Firming mask - Price Unknown

Party Shimmer Sparking Moisturiser - £1.09
Cellulite Mud - £1.09
Firming Gel - £1.09
Frizz Miracle Hair Masque - £1.09

I don't think I'd personally pay £30.00 for this so I'm glad i got it on a half price offer, it also means i get to try out new products :)

If anyone would like any reviews on the products let me know, 
did anyone else get this offer?

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