Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Favourites From November ♥

I wanted to do a post of a few great products, some I've discovered a few months ago, but a majority of these are my saviours.
From left to right,

♥ Aussie Miracle Insurance Leave In Conditioner - £3.99

It was recommended this by my hairdresser who's had decades of experience, out of all premium branded hair care, Aussie hair products what you need for budget haircare, i bought this for in the 2 for £6.00 offer and took it to the Maldives with me, it was brilliant as theres nothing worse than dry hair after its been in heat, and the same goes if you dry it and straighten it religiously like me, i use a few sprays of this after getting out the shower and my hair is super glossy and soft (thats my secret to shiny hair) and it smells luuuuuush, its still half full so for the price, it will last you a good 3/4 months.

♥ T-Zone Shine Control Cleansing Wipes - £1.50 Home Bargains,
I bought these as a one off as needed make up wipes, but i will be purchasing these forever now, the price is purse friendly and its for two packs, not only have they cleared up my spot problem, they don't dry skin out if you have sensitive skin like me and there perfect for getting off waterproof makeup, and they keep shine at bay, tried and tested these really do work, and I've tried a number of different wipes.

♥ Good Old Rosy Lips Vaseline - £1.73
The cold weather is playing havoc with my skin, and lips, i put a layer of this on my lips before bed, its actually still there 8 hours later when i wake up, and i wake up with soft lips, i do also put it on a dry area of skin as well overnight and it does the trick, i never leave the house with out it.
and it makes a great alternative to a natural lip gloss.

♥ Tesco My Senses Conditioner For Coloured Hair - £2.00 Roughly
I only bought this on a whim again, as I'd ran out, its pretty much Tesco's branded Herbal Essences,
I thought it would be rubbish since its own brand, but it leaves your hair pretty soft and manageable, i put a layer on my hair and leave it on for about 3 mins before rinsing, I guess this is responsible for my shiny hair to :)
I would probably chooses Herbal Essences if its on offer but I would pick this up again.

♥ Betty Hula Rum & Blackcurrant Shea Butter - £14.99
I was lucky to win this off Betty Hula themselves, and the product is amazing, it can be used to fade stretch marks, and for mums to be, I've been using it after shaving my legs, a small amount goes a long way, don't be fooled by the small container, you get your money's worth, i also use it on my arms in this weather since I have them on show a lot, it lasts all day long, and it smells incredible, I can't quite remember what it reminds me off. (feel free to help me if you've used it) 
they do 2 other fragrance's which i can not wait to try.
This has replaced every moisturiser I've owned.

♥ Simple Hydrating Moisturiser - £2.00/£2.50
I love Simple products as they are fragrance free and not packed with preservatives and chemicals like some moisturisers are, I use this morning and night before applying make up and after taking it off at night and its great, i recently had an allergic reaction to some perfumed body lotion i used, and this sorted it out within days, perfect for sensitive skin, it has no fragrance, but its great.
I'm always going to use this, I've had this bottle since Mid August, its near the end now, but it does last a  good few months.

That's it for my November faves, I will try and recommended you fab purse friendly products if i come across more.

Have you used any of the products listed?
What do you Love/Hate?

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