Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Babyliss Wand Hair Styler ♥ Easy Everyday Curls ♥

This look was achieved by using this Babyliss wand, I purchased it last year as I'd heard amazing things about it, and its never let me down.

I was always obsessed with curling my hair ever since Mary Kate & Ashley came on the scene years ago, i was like 13/14, but curlers then could never give me the same look.

I purchased these for about £30.00 at the time, but you can get them as cheap as £19.00 on Amazon,

Anyway onto this look I've created,

My hairs quite long now, I'm really happy since its took a year to get to my achieved length and I no longer need extensions, yay!
I normally wear it like this most days as its easy to style and can be straightened in 10 minutes flat,
Don't worry if your hairs shorter, this look can work on any hair thats past the chin length.

Sometimes its nice to have a change and i like curling my hair to give it volume, so i use my trusty Babyliss  Wand,

I start by sitting my hair in two in my desired parting and clipping one half down straight,
you don't want a kink in your hair when you unclip it,
I take sections not to thick or to thin, about this much,

And I wrap them around about half way down the hair and keep it wrapped around the thicker part of the wand like this,

and leave it for roughly about 15 seconds, the more heat the better the curl, I think :)
and it should look like this,

This pretty much needs to be done to all the bottom of the hair, both sides, I don't tend to spray with hairspray till 5 minutes after curling my hair as I like the curls to drop a bit, they look more natural this way, a good hold firm hairspray gives the curls hold, and they might drop slightly more, but you'll end up with tousled natural curls that can take you from natural, to glam at night time, and they last all day long.

You can use any other curling wands, but I do recommend buying this wand as its work brilliant for me, at 230 degrees, almost the same temperature as GHD'S i think the heat helps the hair to curl better,

Does anyone else have this wand?

What do you think of this look, have you tried it before?


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