Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Professional Beauty North 2011 & The Day I Got To Meet Rachel & Georgina ♥

 About 2 weeks ago now (sorry for this delayed post)
I went to a beauty event that was on in Manchester, which is near where I live:
It was a fab day out, of course, and i got to meet Georgina and Rachel from blogger (follow there blogs they are the best) and Rachel's best friend Lisa who was lovely,
I had become good friends with Rachel & Georgina over the past few months so it was nice meeting them in person
and they really were as lovely as i thought they would be :)

The beauty even that was on, was quite interesting actually, half the beauty treatments you can actually get done noway days is actually bizarre, and all the stacks of nail varnishes were to tempting, i was on a spending ban that day so i stopped myself since i already have enough polishes, but i know Rachel and Georgina bought a few things,
I'd highly recommend this beauty even if it comes around your area soon :)
just to take a peek as its free if you sign up,
Its a good way to get a few bargain beauty products, and get the low down on new upcoming products.

After the beauty even we took a trip into Manchester Town Center and went to Pizza Hut where we had a rather cheesy waiter who just made us giggle constantly lol!
We all got to have a good gossip and chat and it was as though I'd know these girls all my life.

Before we all left, we took a few pictures as you do, as it was a Sunday everywhere was shutting at 5.00pm so there would not of been much for us to all do :)

Lisa, Rachel, Me, and Georgina

Me & Georgina

Rachel, Me & Georgina

Me & Rachel

I want to thank these girlie's for a fab day and I can't wait to meet them again


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