Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Vintage Purchases for £4 ♥

As a few of you may know I head into my local town center about twice a month as we have about 10 charity shops now, two new one's have opened and believe me you do find some of the nicest things in there, its just pure luck if its in your size.
I always think a lot of it is when people buy things in the wrong size and then get rid of them, i do this all the time.
I only tend to buy things that have never been worn or are in nearly new condition.
This is what i picked up yesterday:

I got this mustard yellow jumper (one of my favourite colours) for £2 its from GEORGE (Asda's Clothing Line) it was a size 14 so its a few sizes to big but i like my looses baggy jumpers, clearly brand new and a bargain.

Sorry for looking so moody!lol!

My next bargain was this peachy cropped jumper, its so cute and girly, I love the colour, this was from Primark, £1.99 also brand new :)

I decided to put my hair up in a bun today, I used one of them doughnut rings so it was big and poofy, I don't know what i think about the look though, i couldn't help feeling older than i actually was lol!
What do you think?
Does it suit me or am I being paranoid?lol!

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