Saturday, 26 November 2011

MAU Academy Haul & FOTD ♥

Today I went to Superdrug to treat myself to some new make up bits form MAU since I've heard such great things from you girlie's,
This is my FOTD (face of the day) for those who don't know what that means,

Products used:

Foundation: M.A.C
Blusher: Rimmel
Powder: Rimmel
Eyeshadow: MAU Shade 18 Matt
Eyeliner: MUA Eyeliner Pencil
Mascara: MAU Mascara
Lipstick: MAU Shade 5

My every day make up is pretty much something like this, I don't always use eye shadows,
Back onto MAU, these are the products below i purchased,

 All £1 each, can you believe that,
I'm always a little cautious of the price of products as it normally means its to good to be true and its cheap quality,
I was overall impressed with MAU Products,

The Eyeshadow in "MATT" was great quality and went on really easily and you can build your colour up as much as you want.
This gets a 9/10

What I thought was a fab idea was they eyeliner pencil i bought, it had a sharpener in the lid, how handy is that, i always misplace my sharpener and this lid means I've always got one one hand.
I've never seen that before on a product...
Have you??
10/10 for me and it last ages....

 The lipstick colour wasn't as vibrant as i thought it would be, so i think I'd get a darker colour next time, it does give a nice little shimmer to the lips but does look more like I've put lipgloss on.
But for the £1.00 i can't really complain,
It actually reminded me of the Nivea Pearl Lipbalm.
This Gets a 7/10 for me

The last two products I purchased were,
The MAU lipgloss in Shade 5 
This smells so yummy, good enough to eat,
Its a clear pink colour and it does last for quiet a while, 
its a good consistency and a little goes along way.

This one gets a 8/10

Finally the Mascara,
This is just your average brush so i wouldn't be expecting extravagant lashes,
It creates more of a natural look which is perfect for during the day,
The brush is slim and it does coat every eyelash perfectly,
and it dries quickly,
No panda eyes as of yet
This was alot better than i thought it would be :)

So for that reason it gets a 9/10

I was quite impressed with these products first time around, and i will definitely be purchasing more of these items in the future for my key make up items,
The empty shelves in Superdrug prove that MAU sells pretty well.

Who else has tried MAU??
Who loves it or hates it?
Any items you'd recommend on a budget?


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