Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween ♥

I hope all you lovelies had a great Halloween weekend :)
The last two days have been spent the day recovering from my weekend which was great,
I loved being out with my girlie's and letting my hair down and what better way to do it than fancy dress,
Most of my night was spent in Manchester, I wish i could tell you all the things I got up to but it was a little bit hazy, but that's a sure sign i had a good night!lol!
So pictures from my  :)

Me and my boyfriend carved a pumpkin but him being as inpatient as could be, he decided he wanted to dive in there, even though he's never attempted a pumpkin before, i drew the face but his crooked scary smile somehow turned into a big smiley face,
so we had an extremely happy pumpkin!

Later on were pre drinks at mine and we were a noisy bunch,

 and then we headed out for a few drinks,

My dead bride outfit, minus the flowers (oops)

I hope all you blogger girlies had a great halloween to, and a good night if you did go out


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