Monday, 14 November 2011

Everything 5 pounds ♥ My New Love ♥

I came across this website from out of MORE! magazine,
It might not be every one's cup of tea but if you love a bargain like me,
you'll love this website.

Everything is £5.00 which I think is great, a nice rounded up price.
The sell everything from top, dresses, footwear, jackets/coats,trousers/leggings, you pretty much name it!
I do think maybe its old stock from different shops, who knows but they do have some lovely items that would suit every ones taste :)

Just to give you a taste of what this website has to offer, 
here are a few items I'm loving on there right now!
& yep everything is £5 pounds!

I've actually just bought these boots, since i could do with a new tan pair,
(seperate blog post on this will be coming up when they arrive)

 I love these,
Every one's taste is different, but there is something for everyone,
Its worth checking back a few times a week, as some of the good stuff sells pretty fast.
CLICK HERE to go shopping,

I have not been asked to advertise this website - All pictures have been taken from and opinions and top picks are my own :)

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