Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 24: A Celebrity Whose Personality Is Irresistible ♥

*One Tree Hill Season 8 spoilers if your not up to date, don't READ!!

Sofia Bush (Brooke Davis)

I love this girl so much, she's absolutely gorgeous &
I always really want to dye my hair back to brunette every time I see her...

Anyone watching One Tree Hill in UK will be up to date and it was the season final finale of season 8 yesterday and Brooke had her babies, I love that episode, I'm way to involved in the storyline,
Serious OTH fans will know Brooke really wanted babies but couldn't have them, and you find out towards the end of the season that she's expecting twins,
I actually cried with happiness as I'm that much of a loser and all!
But this girl has the personality i wish a few of my friends had!

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