Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 19: A Celebrity You Love That Others Seem To Dislike ♥

"Josie Stevens"
From the T.V show "Married To Rock"

Now she's everything a lot of girls seem to hate, blonde hair, big boobs, and teeny tiny,
But i just can't help but love her, she's quirky, so nice, she always replies to your tweets or comments on facebook and she's not your average airhead.
Anybody who's watched the show Married To Rock will know what I mean, and how lovely she is.
She's just so likeable and her Hello Kitty addiction matches mine :)
One episode of Married To Rock made me laugh when she decided to decorate Steve Stevens "her childhood sweethearts" tour bus with everything Hello Kitty,
& when i say everything I mean everything!
His band mates were not impressed!lol!


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