Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Scorching 1st October In Thorpe Park ♥

I think that's it of our last glimmer of sunshine after today, i woke up to rain which was the complete opposite of yesterday! :(

Me and my fiance spent the night up in London near Heathrow airport so we could get to Thorpe Park nice and early!

Our Hotel Room At The Thistle - You Could Here Planes Taking Off

Plane Landing At Heathrow Early Morning

We did get there early, 2 hours to be infact, but people started turning up at 8.30am and by 10am opening time, it looked like the whole of England had also decided to come!

We had free tickets anyway so we didn't have to queue which was good because it meant we could get on all the big rides before the huge 90 min queues started.

We rushed over to the Saw ride first, which i sat out, i hate vertical drops and the feeling I'm dropping straight down, it just messes up my stomach, Daz loved it needless to say!lol!

Then we queued up for Colossus, which i think we waited about 20 mins for, i draw a line at waiting an hour, that was my favourite ride, i loooove roller coasters and will do any as long as there no vertical drop!lol!

We then queued up for Nemesis Inferno which always reminds me of the inbetweeners and Will!haha!anyone who' seen the episode where they go Thorpe Park will know what I'm on about!lol!

I got soaked on The Rapids, I was not impressed, i hate getting my hair wet as I'm such a girl!lol!

After Nemesis we decided to queue up for Saw Alive which is a maze that you walk through and people jump out at you and try and make you cack your pants, well my experience apart from walking into a wall and panicking cause i couldn't open this imaginary door, it wasn't that scary, i could scare people better!lol!i must be losing my scardy cat streak!lol!
One girl actually came out crying, some people really need to get a grip!lol!

The only other ride I went on was Rush, me and Daz actually changed our minds in the queue when we saw how high it swung and spent the next half hour or so phyching ourselves up and watching the little kids faces when they got off the ride.
Our thought was "if the kids weren't crying" it couldn't be that bad!lol!
Boy was i wrong, i pooed myself haha!!
It went pretty high and was worse going backwards but i did love it and wanted to go an again.
I suppose the whole point of rides is to get scared and get an adrenaline rush!lol!

We didn't do to many rides, as the queues were ridiculous, but i had a fuuuun day out and spent at least 7 hours there and I even caught a tan on the 1st October, the weather was amamzing!!!

This was the gorgeous sunset on the way home!

Goodbye Sunshine :(


Tidal Wave


My Fiance Being An Idiot

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