Thursday, 6 October 2011

New Blog Layout ♥

So I've been messing around with my blog tonight which means I'm finally disappearing for the night as changing your blog layout can really be time consuming.


Anyway I've moved a few things around and made it look more simpler as all the widgets and everything were driving me insaaaaaane!!
and i will be adding my favourite blogs list to my favourite blogs to read, so please check back and see if your there :)

I'll also be introducing a few new features to make my blog, I've noticed a few of my friends have been doing certain posts every week, so i think I'll be doing this, I'm going to think of some different idea's!

& i have a new comp coming up sometime soon, this will be a way to reward the people who actually read my blog and won't be able to just follow so they can enter.

As always if I'm not following (i am sorry, sometimes i do have trouble accessing your blog from your profile) please link me at the bottom lovelies :)



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