Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Lack Of....

Posting has been down to the fact that I've been ill this past week with a tummy bug,
I am actually gutted as I tickets i had for the film "The Help" which happened to also be the day i was ill dying in bed, so i will be seeing it soon hopefully :)

I thought I'd do a quick post to tell you what I have coming up i my posts :)

♥ My meeting with my fellow blogger girlie's, that was just this Sunday at the Professional Beauty Awards :)
♥ New Nail Varnish swatches, i have this gorge Glittery one by Barry M I'm dying to show you,
♥ I've been shopping again, this time online, so I'll show you my best sale picks,
♥ Betty Hula Moisturiser Review,
♥ Hopefully I'll have some half decent pictures  from my Halloween night out, I'm going as a corpse bride lol,
♥ Finally i have a reading with a medium coming up on the 31st October (Halloween), hopefully, the person I'll want to come through will :)

Anyway girlie's there are a few of the things i have coming up in the next weeks or so.

But for now here are two prizes I was lucky to have won over a week ago :)

I love Vampire Diaries, so I was over the moon when i won the second season, I've only just finished the first season.

I won a Betty Hula competition on Twitter, and they sent me a Betty Hula moisturiser which smells incredible, it really reminds me of something i used as a kid, I'm still trying to think what it could possibly be.

Anyway I'll be up and blogging again in the next few days and be able to catch up on all my favourite blogs, so bare with me :)


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