Saturday, 8 October 2011

Halloween ♥

Now I'm normally someone who orders my costume about a week before Halloween and then has a big old stress because i don't actually know what i want to go as.

I'm out on the 29th of this month to town to celebrate Halloween scary style,
 I love all the sexy wonder woman and super hero outfits but I never see the point dressing up as something non scary.
Its what Halloween is all about.

So I've picked my outfit, its by a company called Lip Service on eBay, 
I wanted to go as a corpse bride last year as it was my Engagement/Halloween night out but they were all pretty naff to be honest.

So I'm guessing this is new :) I've bought the matching bouquet and tights and for once i feel prepared, i think I'm going to make it my own with some fake blood and the vampy red lips and black eye make up.

Now I'm wondering if i can force my fiance is going as my groom, it would be the closest to the real thing for a few years!hehe!

Do you like it??
Has anyone picked there outfits yet or am i just thinking to far ahead?

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