Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Damon vs Edward ♥

So with my little obsession with vampires, and the new Twilight film coming out next month, (I'm counting down the days) I'm trying to decide which vampire I'm more in love with,
I recently started watching Vampire Diaries, and I'm hooked, I wasn't really a Daman fan at the start but there's something about his arrogance, and his softer side thats sexy and I'm liking more and more each time i watch an episode, and hes actually becoming my new favourite instead of Stephan.
Then there Edward from Twilight, I'm just in love with Edward & Bella's love story, but he's not really kick ass is he??
hmmm which leads me to this question:

Picture Taken From Facebook

Damon or Edward??

Which do you think girls??


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