Sunday, 9 October 2011

Budget Crackle Effect Nails ♥

I went to my local ASDA today and wasn't actually expecting to buy anything, 
But i saw these crackle effect nail varnishes by George @ Asda,
I've never bought anything from there range make up wise, but when i saw these for only £2 each,
 I had to buy them, i got 3 colours, there wasn't many left and i got the last gold, so I'm not actually sure what other colours they do, but I will be checking.

So i bought the Red, Gold, & Teal Green, 
I also picked up some normal nail polishes in a Purple and a Black for an undercoat for the crackle polishes, these were 2 for £2.50

This is my first time with the crackle polishes, I've been dying to try them out for a while I just never got round to buying any, which is unlike me.

I applied a black undercoat and put the gold crackle effect on top, 
am I the only person who is amazed by how it dries?
I would 100% recommend it for the price.

What do you think??
Has anyone else tried this range by George??

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