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Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour Review - Vibrant Red ♥

I'd seen this hair colour advertised on TV loads and in magazines, it was only when they bought out a reds collection i thought I'd try it out since the reds looked gorgeous, and me being a red head wanted to invest in a nice red colour

So i bought this colour

I always buy two boxes since my hairs pretty thick and one box is never enough.

This is what the box contains:

It contains what your average box of hair dye contains.
as soon as i emptied the box i smelt a lovely fruity fragrance and it was so nice.

Now I'll show you my hair colour before, it was a faded red, its been over a month since i last dyed it and juts having it cut yesterday so I wanted to dye it.

The dye mixed together quite quickly, with my experience some dyes take a while for all the products to mix together and start working to form a colour, but this mixed super fast.

Now the review part:

What The Company Says About The Product:

Why not nurise your hair as you colour, Garnier Nutrisse Colour is our only permanent hair colour with a conditioner enriched with Avacado Oil, The result is rich, radiant, permanent colour that covers 100% greys and beautifully conditions the hair.
Garneir Nutrisse Colour is a permanent hair colour that allows you to have:
Rich, Deep, Brilliant Long - Lasting Colour
Nourished Soft, Shiny Hair,
Garnier Hair Colour does contain natural ingredients, which most hair dyes do not and you can smell these in the product itself.

What I Thought About The Product:

Apart from smelling amazing, this colour was pretty accurate on my hair colour which doesn't normally happen with most hair dyes, so the colour was deep and rich 
The only bad thing about this product is the fact that its pretty drippy so i got it everywhere, and the colour did not wash out in one go properly despite spending about 15 mins rinsing it, so it would take about two washes to get the dye out of my hair properly.

My hair was super soft and shiny afterwards and it smelt lush, i didn't use the conditioner you get free with the product since i prefer to use my own conditioner.
I'd recommend this hair colour as I don't think its to harse on your hair, it gives you a deep and natural colour and leaves you hair how it should be after being treated with any chemicals!soft!!
For that reason i will be using this dye again and I'd 100% recommend it :)

I was not paid or given this product for free, i purchased it with my own money and my review is completely my own.
Product information was took from the website


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