Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Winning Shoe Haul ♥

So I was over the moon and happy that I'd won some new shhhoes :)
Daniel Footwear over on facebook were offering fans a £100 voucher to spend on there online shop and when the emailed me top say they'd picked me and another person i was happpy as I've been looking to buy some sandals for my holiday as all i own are the £2.50 primark ones as there just so comfy, that i keep buying in bulk, (Primark lovers will know which one's i'm on about) i own them in practically every colour!!
So I'm glad i got the opportunity to purchase some more prettier one without me actually spending any money as I'm now penniless till payday again due to actually paying off my holiday, 

Here's what I've purchased :)

Daniel Silver Kiddy 6 Womens Embellished Toe Post Sandal
Price £24.99 

 Daniel Tan Jolly 60 Womens Flat Embellished Sandal
Price - £29.99

Daniel Tan Kiddy 8 Womens Toe Post Sandal
Price - £29.99 

 Daniel Purple Heart Leo Womens Printed Scarf
Price - £9.99 

It came to about £94.00 altogether, i had to pay some money towards postage but it was worth it to get some lovely new shoes in return :)
I just hope they are as nice as they are in the picture,
I'll do another post when they come and i'll show you what there like on!!
I can't wait to get them now!!
Which are your favourites??


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