Thursday, 2 June 2011

Today Is One Of The Most Special Days For Me ♥

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Because its mine and my fiance Darren's 5 year anniversary, its important because it not just2, 3, or 4 years its half a decade :)
&& we have come through so much despite meeting at 17, we broke up after a week,(i broke up with him, having just come out of a different serious relationship, he told me he loved me after a week and i got scared it was moving to quick) and then we didn't speak for a month, but after missing him and realising i did love him, 5 years today we met up, and got back together, we were never meant to be apart, we had arocky patch when we were 18/19 and then of course we both did a little bit of growing up together, we moved in together in December 2009 when we were both 21 and got engaged last year in Oct, so its nice to look back over the years and see what a great time we've had together because he's not just by fiance he's my best friend, and the one person who won't ever judge, bitch about me and always stand by my side.

To me no relationship is perfect and you have to fight and have arguments, to put your life in perspective and see where your going wrong and improve it.
When we first got together we used to have the worlds worst arguments publicly partly because he had a moody attitude and when people shout at me i shout back, but i think that's improved as we've grown up.
We hardly never agrue now, but its over petty things now such as him not cleaning up!lol!

Moving in together was more of a commitment but it proved to me that he wanted to spend the rest of my life with me, plus it meant we could be together every night, it was though a difficult time to as just 2 weeks into moving out, my mum passed away so i was sad she never got to see us make a real start and be happy even though she was quite against it because we were to young.
but we've proved a lot of people wrong,
We've bee living together a year and  half now and i couldn't imagine spending one night apart from him :)
and of course were now engaged to be married :D

So today were going to celebrate the five years we've spent together and go for a nice meal and to the cinema where we first had our date to watch The Hangover 2 :)

Here's to lots more amazing years together, and everything it brings in the future :)


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