Wednesday, 22 June 2011

So Here It it The 12 Day Holiday Photo Challenge ♥

In my post this afternoon i came up with this idea on my own as i wanted something new and exciting to post about on my blog :)

As i had said before feel free to steal and pass this on, its every ones way of sharing where they have been in the world!!


Day 1 - A Picture Of Somewhere Where You Wish You Could Be Right Now
Day 2 - A Picture Of You On The Beach
Day 3 - A Photo Of  Your Favourite Day Out
Day 4 - A Photo Of You On A Balcony
Day 5 - A Random Picture You Took 
Day 6 - A Picture Of Something That Took Your Breath Away
Day 7 - A Photo Of Your Favourite Food Or Drink On Holiday
Day 8 - A Picture Of Your Favourite Hotel
Day 9 - A Picture Of You At Night Time
Day 10 - A Picture Of You Having A Good Time
Day 11 -A Picture Of You By The Pool Side
Day 12 - Your Favourite Picture Of All Time From Any Holiday

You are Tagged if you've read this,
Enjoy this challenge, and i look forward to seeing anybody else's pictures!!


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