Sunday, 19 June 2011

New Camera & Its Waterproof ♥

So this is a geeky post for me, but i do love photography and all....
I've only just found out today that you can actually buy a waterproof digital camera, I've been living under a rock obviously...
i kept seeing this one on TV, its an advert of a guy doing a bungee jump and he's hesitating, so his mate throws his camera at him and he drops it and jumps to go after it!!lol!
i didn't think it was completely water proof, but apparently its water proof up to 5 metres, so I've bought it (as i needed a new handheld camera), best bit about it, its on sale, was £179.99 now £139.99

Not bad for a really cool camera, it even better it means i can take lots of underwater pictures when i go on holiday to the Maldives this August :)

Only downside they don't do it in pink so I'm settling for silver!!

Has anyone else got this camera or heard anything about it?

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