Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Weekend ♥

I can't believe how hot its been today, 26 degree's apparently its been hotter than some other countries including Greece, its a little to late though if you ask me, didn't summer start in June??
It was that warm, even a walk round my town was like walking around on holiday, except I'd probably get a few looks if I'd of been wearing my bikini!!

My & my boyfriend, it feels old calling him my fiance all the time, went for a walk around our town because we've both got the day off together and because we live in a flat, on days like this its pretty miserable just sitting in!!:(

There was a summer fair going on near us at a school which was more like a mini music festival, we didn't stay long as it was just to busy and hot!!

We ended up going to our local park again where we always go and just sunbathed for a few hours and talked about random stuff & our holiday which is almost less than two months away!!i can't waaait!!:)
The sun always gets me in holiday mooode!!

Anyway some pictures to illustrate my day :)

Love him <3

Here's a cute lil picture from yesterday, mid wash i caught my cat in my wash basket, he's such a little mischievous one!!

Hope you've all had a fun day in the suuun!! <3

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