Friday, 17 June 2011

Making Yourself Heard Does Get You Results - Double Take Studio's Follow Up ♥

WARNING - This Post Contains A Rant!!!!!! lol!

 (Make Yourself Heard)

 For people who read my blog regularly, you will know that i went to a photo shoot on Tuesday with my fiance to get some pictures taken as they'd rang me and offered me two free complimentary pictures so i thought why the hell not its a freebie....

After we came home that afternoon the true reality had set in, I'd been fibbed & ripped off!!!
I found out the friend who had referred me, had gone with her friend and gotten 4 free pictures, 2 each and another couple who went also got 4 prints between them and they go to keep the contact sheet with all the main pictures on for free....

WE were only offered the two pictures between u and even spent an extra £20 to get them bigger when the lady said there was no point getting the free one's that were a 6x4 size becasue they were small!!!
To be honest i felt like we'd been taken for a ride, these people had got there 4 prints for free and extras and we'd got our two free and paid money, the contact sheet was even offered to us for £30.00 why would i want to pay that money for a sheet with small pictures on???

I emailed the company straight away telling them how let down i was with the service as well as receiving rubbish customer service the whole day and how i felt like I'd been taken advantage off...
I actually didn't think I'd get a reply but they rang me this morning from customer service saying how sorry they were and how sorry they were there service was not offered to us, he then began to explain that i shouldn't have any problems about the company since I'd filled out an evaluation form saying everything was ok...
So i said "You try filling out a form being as negative as possible when yo have some girl eyeing everything your writing up on the paper, of course i don't want to look like a complete bitch in front of her for the point of being victimised for giving my own oppinion, anyone in my position would of done the same"
and he agreed with me and said he was going to forward my email onto them for there feedback, so he should!!!!
and then to say sorry he's given us an extra complimentary print, so in total we got 3 pictures, not completely free because we paid the £20 to upgrade size and the £8.00 handling fee!!
So making yourself heard does make a difference!!
Anyone in my position, do the same regardless!!!!

And I've also found out today i was lied to on the phone, apparently this promotion was only running till today Friday the 17th June (I was told), my friends have had a phone call as I've referred them, apparently this so called promotion is running all month!!!

If Double Take ring you, just put the phone down straight away!!there not even worth passing your money onto and I have completely washed my hands of them after i do get my pics and refund for the booking back!!!!!


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