Sunday, 19 June 2011

I've Got A Poorly Little Man ♥

My furry little man that is, JimJam is feeling a little sorry for himself....
I never knew cats could catch colds but apparently they can, it started off with him sneezing lots
then yesterday he got a runny nose and eyes, bless him, although he's certainly been using if for all its worth, looking at me with sad eyes, and getting lots of cuddles and kisses of his mummy & daddy, pretty much most of today he's spent on his little blanket next to me snoring away, not getting up to his usual mischief, that's how i know he's not well!!!
Lets hope he gets better or its a trip to the vets....

He's such a cutie pie with his little doggie in the background (he takes this everywhere with him) ♥  

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