Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I'm Going To Be 1 Of 10 More's Mini Bloggers ♥

So today has bee a pretty good day, I've received two prizes in the post, my new camera came and lots of other bits and bobs I've ordered and then late this afternoon more magazine got back to me :)

Saying they'd picked me as well as 9 other people to feature on there website to be a More Mini Blogger and write blog posts to post on there website..
I didn't get involved last time round as I missed the note about it, but I did read everyone else's and they were all such great posts, its amazing how much you can learn about someone through reading a post about them :)
Emma Lousie was one More's Mini Bloggers last time around and her posts were great, you can view them on her tabs on her blog 
So I'm excited to have the opportunity this time around :)
So congratulations for the others if any of my followers have had this opportunity and keep a look out for my posts letting you know when my blog entries go live,
More are ringing me tomorrow so I'll know more details and be able to give you an idea when my first blog post will be live :)


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