Tuesday, 21 June 2011

If You Please ♥

If You Please are a company who were introduced to me by Danielle From Tinks Tales
she ran a competition where you could win an a pair of knickers from there website If You Please
to celebrate the royal wedding, unfortunately i didn't win, but i did end up following this lingerie company on twitter and face book, and a competition was ran a few weeks later for the first 10 people to retweeted her tweet, they won some nipple pasties, i don't normally wear things like this but I thought "hey there's always a first,"
I received them through the post this morning and i love them, needless to say my boyfriend seemed pleased also!!

They came in lovely packaging and were very well presented :)
I could tell special care was used to make them,
Thank you very much :)

I have been on the website today as i spotted a really pretty lingerie set on this flyer that came with my prize, and i wanted to know how much it was, 

 Property of If You Please's Website, (not my images)

I think its so pretty, you can view it HERE
I'm in need of some lovely new underwear, i have a few new pairs recently but i like something that's unique and different and this website defiantly offers it, its not your average La Senza Or Ann Summers Price, but even these items fall apart after a short time, I've found!
I can tell these items are uniquely made for each person and are well worth the price :)
So take a look at there website!!
They have some lovely lingerie, and it will suit everyone's taste!!


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