Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Funky Diva - My Review ♥

I have written this post to tell my other readers about Funky Diva and what a great website they are to shop from, I've recently bought some floral shorts from them for my holiday in August as i just fell in love in love with them.

These are the shorts I bought which are now sold out.

& They offered me a quick and reliable service, and now i can't wait to wear them, shame we don't have the nice weather in England.
Since I do a lot of my shopping online i do regularly come back to this website most days to see what items of clothing they've got in.
I consider shopping online much better than shopping in crowded shops, plus even better there's no queues!
They offer international delivery which i think is great as some online shops don't always offer this, i chose 1st class recorded delivery and got my item quick with no problems what so ever :)

There website is very easy to access, with drop down box's at the top with what you are looking for and you have the choice to view all the items on one page and page by page.
They have a great selections of different dresses, tops, shorts ect to suit every one's taste and i can guarantee there is something for everyone on there.

Another great thing they offer is a free gift with items over £35 and also free delivery, again not many companies do this and its an added bonus as to say thank you for shopping with us, websites like this make me want to come back again and again.

So if you want a website that offers affordable fashion at affordable prices then Funky Diva are the people you need to shop with.

Here are a few top picks from the website that i would wear if of course i had all the money in the world.

I will be offering my readers a discount code soon from Funky Diva themselves to shop with online so you can afford the item on your wish list, so keep a look out lovelies!!

Click to see a bigger picture :)

Tell me which one's are your favourites :)

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