Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Few Chick Flick Film Reveiws ♥

So recently I've taken time out and actually watched a few films I've never seen before....

I love chick flicks so these always tend to be the kind of films i watch...

I actually rather enjoyed this one, its your typical American film, could be one of the reasons why i loved it so much, its basically about a guy who gets dumped by his long term girlfriend and he's desperately trying to win her back, but shes not interested, oblivious to the fact that a gorgeous blonde girl is falling for him when they meet by chance at an airport where he works.
This film is portrayed that a gorgeous girl like her cannot possibly like a guy like him,
It is a romantic film.... and has some really funny parts which i was laughing out loud to, especially scenes with his ex in...
I won't spoil it but i do love the ending :)
You won't be disappointed with this one!!
Best To Watch With Your Girlie Mates...

I loved this film in the end, 10 minutes in i did consider turning it off, but you will get into it, 
Its about a girl called Summer who doesn't believe true love exists, even when she does meet Tom, the potential guy for her (the one) 
The film takes you through the 500 days of there relationship, but at different days throughout the film, so you will need to sit down and watch this one all the way through, i wasn't kind of expecting the ending, just like the ending in The Break Up for those who have seen it, but i guess every film can't end the way you want it to...
This One's Best To Watch With Your Boyfriend, It Will Make You Truly Appreciate Each Other :)

I watched this because i do like Hayden Panettiere,
but its probably a film i will only watch once in my entire life, maybe twice, 
A geeky guy who's been in love with "Beth" - Hayden for the past 4 years at school decides its a good idea to announce to her and the whole school during a graduation speech that's he's in love with her....
Rather embarrassing, she ends up turning up to his for a graduation party and the night spirals out of control and so many different things happen throughout the night, think Superbad!lol!
& he soon learns what the real Beth Coopers like :)
A funny film with funny parts but it is worth a watch :)
Best For A Girlie Flick Chick On Your Own...

Has anybody else seen any of these??
What did you think??

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