Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day 9 - A Picture Of You At Night Time ♥

These pictures were from my girlie holiday in Turkey last year, this was our 2nd night out and we went out just the two of us, one of my favourite nights actually, we went to this bar after i dragged my mate as I'd always wanted to try shisha which is a flavoured tobacco you smoke, its not tobacco you get when you smoke a cigarette, i have only just googled this now, i didn't actually know it was tobacco !don't think I'll be doing this again!lol!as i don't smoke!!
This was also the legendary night where my mate after a few to many drinks got us out of an 82 lira bar tab, in fact that night was very cheap, after there we went to another bar and got free drinks off the barman all night, the privileges of being a girl and having a top best mate!!
We only paid for a taxi back to our hotel!

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