Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 1 - A Picture Of Somewhere Where You Wish You Could Be Right Now ♥

These are a few pictures I wanted to share with you,
Bahama Bay Resort In Orlando, Florida,
I spent two weeks here last year and it was amazing, it felt like i was living in a house,
the hotel we stayed in was two bed roomed and we had a living room, 2 bathrooms a kitchen etc, nothing like anywhere I stayed before, I'd quite happily go back, our hotel overlooked a huge lake that had alligators in, which you could see swimming early in the morning,and because we went in September it was quiet so we pretty much had the pool to ourselves for the two weeks, there was never more than 10 people, it was great! 
I'd recommend this resort to anyone who wanted to go Florida!!
I loved the noises you could here at night time, there were croaking bull frogs, birds and buzzing, it was the sort of noise i could fall asleep to every night!
We even had a regular visitor, a raccoon who came everyday trying to steal food, not many people enjoyed his company though!lol!
it really was one of my most amazing holidays!!


Day 1 - A Picture Of Somewhere Where You Wish You Could Be Right Now
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