Saturday, 25 June 2011

18 A Picture Of A Celebrity You Find Attractive ♥

Aston Kutcher, I love a man with dark hair and dark eyes :)

1.  Your current facebook picture
2.  A picture of yourself a year ago
3.  A picture that makes you smile4.   
4 .A photo of your favorite musician/band

A photo of your crushes

6. A Picture of what you ate today
7.  A picture of you when you were little
8.  A picture with someone you love
9. A picture of you with friends
10. A picture of you with family
11. A  picture that your hair looks nice in
12. A picture of you with pets
13.  A picture of you hugging someone
14.  A picture of you and your best friend
15.  A picture of you today
16.  A picture from the last time you went out of town
17.  A picture of your favorite movie
18.  A picture of a celebrity you find attractive
19.  A picture that means a lot to you but not many people will understand
20.  A picture of your favorite meme
21.  A picture of your favorite video game
22.  A picture of someone from your favorite sports team
23.  A picture of your city
24.  A picture of your desktop
25.  A picture of the weather
26.  A picture of you doing something physical
27.  A picture of you with beautiful scenery
28.  A picture of something you despise
29.  A picture of something you miss
30.  Anything!

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