Thursday, 10 September 2015

I Love... Saved By The Gel ♥

Hand cleansing gels just got a lot cuter with these little quick drying anti-bacterial gels from I Love...'s new collection.
They contain micro jojoa esters that pop in your hands as you rub your hands together keeping them smelling yummy and moisturized. 
I especially love how small they are and you can just throw them in your handbag on the go.
The definitely make hand gels a lot more fun, especially if your a bit of a germaphobe like I am.
My favourite scent in this collection has to be the coconut and cream, I've had a few compliments off customers at work when I wear the coconut and cream hand lotion too, they said I reminded them of holidays.
I absolutely love these and for the price, I don't think I'll be without one now.

They are available in the following scents below from Superdrug stores and online:

Strawberries & Cream (65ml) RRP £1.25 
Rasperry & Blackberry (65ml) RRP £1.25 
Mango & Papaya (65ml) RRP £1.25 
Coconut & Cream (65ml) RRP £1.25 

What do you think of these?
Will you be trying them??

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Bingo: From Milan To The Streets Of London ♥

Bingo as we know is a game of chance which originated during the 1500s and became hugely popular among all the Italians, who are ardent fans of it even today. From Milan it spread across various places and eventually made their way to the streets of London.

Have you ever wondered, why do we shout ‘Bingo’ whenever we win? Then, let me tell you, there’s a very interesting story behind the origination of this epic word. It started from a carnival in Georgia, where a U.S toy salesman, Edwin S. Lowe came across a game, where a lucky participant fortuitously exclaimed ‘Bingo’ instead of ‘Beano’. Since then, Lowe started promoting this game of cards as Bingo all across the world.

The name bingo was so wonderfully branded, that people started relating to it in a massive way. This game became the most important medium of socializing and relaxing for most players world wide.

Even though the people always enjoyed gathering in the traditional halls for a refreshing game of bingo, there was always an inconvenience factor attached to it. It was not really feasible for them to dress up every evening and carry a stash of cash to a crowded bingo hall. That moment the aspect of online bingo erupted onto the scene, with a new level of popularity ruling the UK gambling market.

The intense simplicity of online bingo, with its quick and easy-to-learn rules perfectly suits everyone’s schedule. Players can access it from the comfort of their home without any difficulty of dressing up, traveling or organising childcare due to the time constraint.

For instance New Look Bingo, one of the best bingo site in the UK has impressed everyone with their wide range of games, great bonuses, intense social media presence and a strong customer support system. In addition to this site has also secured a major stature in the whole of casino industry. Due to their collaboration with 2 major software providers, Microgaming and Eyecon, this site has bolstered in term terms of providing HD quality slots along with an array sophisticated bingo games.

In this way the great social ambiance of the conventional bingo halls hasn’t vanished either. Especially with the instillation of in-house chat rooms like ‘Live Help’, online bingo has not only turned out to be a great pastime but also provides as an impressive way to make friends.

So, come along and be a part of the legendary transition in the dazzling world of bingo!

24 Hours In Liverpool With Travel Lodge, Paper Towns and A Mini Primark Haul ♥

A couple of weeks ago Travel Lodge invited me and my husband to spend a night in Liverpool, due to work commitments we could only stay the one night, but it was still nice to spend some time together away in a different city for the night which we really appreciated.
Liverpool is a 60 minute journey away from our home town near Manchester so it was quite easy to hop on the train round the corner and see what there was to see in Liverpool.

We stayed in Liverpool Central The Strand Travel Lodge which was across the road from the famous "Liverpool Docks" and 10 minutes away from the local shopping center "Liverpool One"
As soon as we arrived we walked from the train station which was about a 15 minute walk to our hotel, we were checked in and in our room within 5 minutes.

Our room was extremely clean with all the basic necessities we needed for our nights stay.
We had a kettle with with tea and coffee and a flat screen television on the wall.
The bed was extremely comfy and I had a good nights sleep for a change.
Because it was summer, we only a had a thin sheet on our bed - a thicker duvet folded up on the shelf was optional and we also had a fan to stay cool.
The bathroom had a shower - we didn't use that because we only stayed the one night - but for a nights stay in Liverpool, you have everything you need to feel comfortable and at home.
Our room overlooked the docks and it was a lovely warm sunny day when we arrived, I think we picked the perfect day.

As soon as we had got settled in we headed out to the docks to enjoy the sunshine and have a few drinks and some food.

We had a walk around the docks in the sunshine and grabbed a 99 each from the ice cream van, it's been rare eating an ice cream this year, I don't think we've had the opportunity to enjoy enough days out in the sunshine together.
We walked around all the shops that were around the docks, there was a museum with free access but we have already visited that museum so we decided to leave that.
We went into the famous sweet shop and bought lots of sweets - it's a wonder we still have teeth.
After a little walk, the sunshine made us want to sit down and have a cocktail or two so we found the perfect spot outside Revolution facing this lovely view.

It also happened to be "Happy Hour" so we opted for the bubblegum "Blanc Canvas" while it looked extremely nice, it really lacked it's bubblegum flavour so I was happy I didn't have to pay £7,50 each for these - I don't think I'll bother with one of these next time.
We stayed here for about hour while we sipped our drinks and actually had chance to talk - it's not that we don't talk at home - sometimes it's just nice to get away from social media and busy everyday life.

After our drinks we started to get hungry because we hadn't really had much for lunch so we headed round the corner to Pizza Express, we had a taste card so we got our mains and starters on 2 for 1.
We had yummy cheesy garlic bread and pizza, I absolutely adore Pizza Express pizzas and I was not disappointed.
I'm a weirdo and I always order the spiciest one off the menu, I oped for the "Diavolo"
Does anyone else love this pizza??

After our meal at Pizza Express - we avoided dessert.
We headed back to our room for an hour or so to relax before we decided to head off to the local Odeon in Liverpool One.
I had been wanting to see Paper Towns since it came out after reading John Green's book.
So we headed to the local shops to get some goodies for the cinema - I well and truly blew my diet this day.

I hate to say this but I was majorly let down by Paper Towns, 
The book was so much better, I think I expected a lot from this film because "The Fault In Our Stars" was such an amazing film.
Don't get me wrong, their were parts that I found really funny in this film and it was okay to watch.
But...I think I was expecting more from the ending.
Did anyone think this film was a bit of a let down??

After we got out of the cinema, it was about 10.30 so we headed back to our hotel for a few drinks in the bar and watched the workmen painting road markings on the floor - believe me it was more fascinating than it sounded, I'd always wondered how it was done.
It was just after midnight when we decided to call it a night and actually go to bed.

We got up the following morning at about 8.30, breakfast was included in our night's stay and it was served till 10.00am, their was plenty of choice to choose from and it was really yummy.
Just what we wanted to wake up too.
The staff at this Travel Lodge were so lovely and welcoming and that made me want to come back to this hotel again in the future if we ever have a show or concert to come and watch at the "Echo Arena".
So thank you very much Travel Lodge for having us.

We had to go and get our train at 12.00pm because my hubby had work at 4.00pm but before went for the train, we went for a wander around the shops and came across the "Liverpool Cavern Club" which is a contemporary music venue that has included performances by the famous "Beatles"

After a quick wander round here, we headed over to Primark to see what this one had to offer and I ended up buying two new tops.

This khaki long sleeve shirt which was a steal at only £10.00 and this pretty cream crochet edged top, can you believe this was only £6.00.

We had a lovely 24 hours in Liverpool and it was nice to get away from Manchester for the night.
Hopefully we'll find ourselves here again soon in the future for a bit longer so we can explore some more.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Trip To Paris A Mini Guide | Part 2 | Tourist Attractions | ♥

Hello again, I thought I'd add part 2 of my Paris adventure back in May, it feels like such a lifetime ago since May and I'm super excited to be visiting Paris again in less than a month with my hubby.
This post is about some of the things I did during my weekend in Paris and what sights I went to see.
You can read part one of my Paris adventure here - PART ONE.

There is so much to see and do in Paris, that one weekend was not simply enough and when I go back with my husband, there are other places I want to go and tick off my list.

The most popular landmark and attraction is the "Eiffel Tower" we were literally 15 minutes away from here on foot so me and Rachel went every night to see it, the one thing we didn't do was go up it.
The queues were a little bit ridiculous and I think we didn't want to spend most of our trip queuing to go up it.
You can get a lift right to the very top to see the magnificent views that Paris has to offer.
I'm hoping to go up next month, you can pre book tickets online but they sell out very fast, so book very early to avoid disappointment, months before.
That was the one thing I regretted not doing in time.

Before we went to Paris me and Rachel booked tickets with "The Big Bus Paris" - LINK. online (you save 10%) we paid roughly about £20 for the day.
Basically you can hop on and hop off at different attractions you want to see, the bus's were every 10 minutes or so, so it was very convenient for us and I'd recommend this bus if you would like to do some sight seeing. 
You get a free map and commentary which you can listen to on earphones they provide for you so you can learn all about some of the famous buildings and landmarks Paris has to offer.

The first place me and Rachel visited was the "Musée du Louvre" which is one of the worlds largest museums.
The Palace is absolutely stunning, like most of Paris's architecture.
We got our typical touristy photos outside the Louvre Pyramid.

We didn't get to go inside unfortunately, which I wanted to, I quite like looking at paintings.
Again the queues were so long, if you go during the day it would be worth getting a fast track pass.
Going back here would be on my to do list, just so I can actually get inside and see what there is.
I know this museum is so big that it is physically impossible to see everything in one day, so I'd recommend spreading visiting here over two days if this is your sort of thing.

After visiting the "Musée du Louvre" we hopped back on the red bus and got off at "Pont de l'Archeveche" to have a look at the "Love Lock Bridge", it was honestly so romantic reading all the little messages people had written on padlocks, especially the marriage proposals.
I could of stayed there all day reading those.

After our brief stop off at "Pont de l'Archeveche" we went to visit the most beautiful cathedral "The Notre Dame" this church took my breath away, especially inside, which you have to have a look round (it's free) you may queue for about 10 minutes but it is worth it.
The stained glass windows are really something and you'll be in complete awe being inside here.
There are lots of places to eat and shop right nearby here too so you will have plenty to do here for a couple of hours.
Me and Rachel were extremely lucky we had such glorious weather on our trip, when we got here that was when the clouds really started to part and it was so warm and lovely.

Our final stop on the red bus tour was "The Arc De Triomphe" this building actually took my breath away, it stood so tall and majestic with the french flag flying in the middle.
The detail on the arc was absolutely stunning an I honestly think this was one of my favourite attractions.
You could go up it for a small fee if the Eiffel Tower isn't you thing but we didn't get chance to do this.
Maybe next time.
"The Arc De Triomphe" is situated on the "Champs-Élysées" which is a long stretch of designer and high street shops, if you are visiting here you will have plenty of shops to visit.

Which is what me and Rachel did the following day.
We really wanted to visit the M.A.C and Sephora shop here.... just because.
What girl doesn't enjoy shopping really.
Plus it was an excuse to get photos outside our favourite shops too, which I am sure you will too.
particularly wanted to get a photo outside CHANEL.

annnnd I couldn't forget to include this little guy as well.
On our way back from our shopping trip, me and Rachel met the loveliest lady who happened to have a pug called Coco Chanel.
Me being the huge animal lover I am took this opportunity to get lots of pug cuddles and kisses.
The're are so many dogs in Paris, but not many cats.

Anyway, that is a round up of the trips and sights and see's I saw whilst in Paris.
When I go next month I'm hoping to visit new places so I will pop up a post about that too so you can see what I get up to when I go for the second time and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Have you been to Paris?
What was your favourite thing to do??

Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Top 5 July Faves ♥

I can't believe we are almost finished with August, where has this month gone really??
This month I have pulled together all of my favourite things from last month, not all are beauty products like last months post - My Top 5 June Faves - some are objects and items of clothing I have absolutely loved using or wearing.
Enjoy reading beauts.

| M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick in "All Fired Up" - £15.50 - LINK |

While I was in Nottingham last month, I thought I would treat myself to a new M.A.C lippy, not that I have enough. Then again a girl can never have to many.
I have wanted a red lipstick for a while now from the M.A.C range and I saw a girl who was working on the counter wearing this shade and I loved it and had to have it.
It's from the retro matte collection, I find the matte shades last a lot longer than the creamier ones.
It does looks quite red in the photo however it's more of a raspberry red with a hint of pink in it.
This has been my favorite shade this month and I have been rocking it with my everyday look most days when I'm feeling daring.
Now A/W is looming, I can feel it, I know I will get a lot of use from this shade.

| H&M Floral Playsuit - £12.99 - LINK |

This playsuit, I know I'm not going to get an awful lot of wear from this anytime soon but as soon as I saw it on the H&M website I had to buy it.
They were sold out in all sizes apart from 8's so that was the size I purchased, although I'd say I'm more of a 10, so I'd go down a size in this.
I love the tie neck detail and the back is beaut.
I love the flower print too, it's so versatile, you could wear it during the day with some flats or add some wedges or heels for the night time.
I have seen this playsuit in store too recently if you can't buy it online, it's currently sold out online at the minute.

| My Pandora Bracelet - Pandora - LINK |

You will have seen if you have me on Instagram that I treated myself to a Pandora bracelet in duty free on the way to Paris in May.
I also celebrated my 27th birthday last month too and I gained 4 new charms from family, my husband and my best friend.
My dad bought me the daisy charm, my granddad bought me the camera charm, my best friend Rachel bought me the butterfly charm and my husband treated me to the dancing couple charm.
I'm a little late jumping on the Pandora bandwagon but I couldn't imagine not having one now, especially since most of the charms have been picked my family and friends and they all have some sentimental meaning. 
I have already been eyeing up the new pet collection which I will be adding due to my crazy cat obsession.

| Vidal Sassoon Permanent Hair Colour - Medium Intense Red - £7.99 - Link |

I honestly can't rave about this hair dye enough, it is my absolute fave at the minute.
Because I am a red head, when I do dye my hair my roots do go lighter than the rest of my hair so I was intrigued to try this.
You basically colour your roots first with the brush provided and then leave it for a while before adding serum to the rest of the dye and applying it to the rest of your hair - which was a hell of a lot easier than most boxed dyes.
The serum makes it so much easier to blend all the colour into your hair and get an even application.
My hair finally went the red shade I was trying to achieve so I'd give this a go if you want to go red and you haven't had a lot of luck.
I've already purchased another two boxes for my hair this month.
I'm still deciding if I'm going to review this dye - let me know if you'd love a more in depth review on this.

| My Ted Baker Coral Leather Shopper - £104.00 - LINK |

This was another birthday present from the husband, I didn't originally plan on picking a bag for my birthday but I happened to go into Ted Baker while they had a sale on and I fell in love with this coral shopper,
The price was originally £149.99 but I got it in the sale for £104.00.
I don't normally spend more than £30 on a bag but I felt this was a necessity.
I adore Ted Baker and it is so beautifully made - I'm sure this will last me many years.
The rose gold Ted Baker detail is my favourite and I love how simple and sophisticated this bag is.

Those are my July Faves.
Was there anything here you particularly loved or loved reading about??
If so please share below.

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Currently Lusting Over....♥

A/W wardrobes already.... is that bad???
This Summer has already been such a wash out and I have spent more time in my jeans than an actual dress.
I'm already lacking the sunshine part mostly because this year I won't be going on a Summer holiday, only a city break to Paris again in September and I'm hoping (praying) that I at least get to enjoy some sunshine.

I am absolutely loving the colour khaki at the moment and I have no idea why - its not a colour I have really worn much off.

While window shopping online at New Look  I came across so many items that I WANT, soooo... I decided to create a wishlist, some of these will hopefully be purchased for this A/W at some point.
Every year tartan seems to reappear in my wardrobe, I love the check trend and still have some key pieces from a few years before that I can wear again, so I'm glad it's back AGAIN.
A nice cosy knit that will go with everything is also a must and I love the style of this light grey one above, I also think it happens to go nicely with the khaki jeans (I need me some of them.)
Autumn is never complete without a new pair of boots either, I love these suede effect one's in tan, all my boots usually come from either New Look or Primark, they do such lovely styles.
Finally I feel like I need a new faux leather jacket this year too since the one I own is almost two years old - I particularly love the faux fur trim on this one.

Items pictured below and their links.

1. Black Scallop Stud Trim Top - £14.99 - LINK.
2. Khaki Twill Jeans - £22.99 - LINK.
3. Black Fur Collar Biker Jacket - £39.99 - LINK.
4. Tan Suede Fringe Boots - £49.99 - LINK.
5. Red Check Shopper Bag - £12.99 - LINK.
6. Red Check Shirt - £22.99 - LINK.
7. Grey Ribbed Blanket Cardigan - £19.99 - LINK.

What styles are you looking forward to most this A/W??

Friday, 17 July 2015

My Trip To Paris & A Mini Guide | Part 1 | Where We Stayed and What We Ate ♥

If you didn't already know, 2 months ago me and my bestie Rachel from "Life Of A Sweetaholic" hopped on a plane from Manchester Airport over to Paris.
It was the BEST city break I have ever taken and I was so surprised how quick we got there - put it this way I could fly to Paris and back and I'd still make it home before I got to London on the train.

Before I went I had this vision in my head of what this city would be like - I genuinely believe I was in love with the city before I went, going just made me love Paris even more.

- I treated myself in duty free -

We stayed in a little B&B that was on the doorstep of the Eiffel Tower, it was literally a 15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower/shops/restaurants so ideal really especially if like me you don't know the city at all.
The hotel was called Campanile Paris 15 - Tour Eiffel  - you can view it here - LINK - through trip advisor.
It was pretty basic, I'll be honest but considering how much time we spent here as long as we got sleep that was all that mattered, I've already booked the same hotel to go back in September with my husband.
We booked our flights with AirFrance via Travel Republic and saved a fortune and even got 15KGS of luggage each which came in handy for bringing all them souvenirs and food back.

- Selfie In Our Hotel -

When we landed our hotel was about a 60 minute ride so we used the Uber taxi app on our phone, beware though you may need to know some french, our taxi driver rang us and I couldn't understand a word, luckily there was a guard on hand to translate.
Taxi's are an option but beware of them overcharging, our ride was about 25 euros but I heard one woman at our hotel got charged 65 euro's "OUCH"
There are plenty of other ways you can get to your hotel like the "metro" especially if your hotel is near a metro station, which our's was.
You can also get the bus, just make sure you check routes and times before you go because the last thing you want to do is get lost.


We ate so much yummy food while were away, the photos above explain that.
 The food in Paris is just to die for and if you have a sweet tooth, your in for a bloody treat, I could of ate my body weight in pancakes over there.
We only spent three days there but we made sure we sampled some of the french favourites including Croque Monsieur which was a ham toastie with cheese and egg on top - I'm already drooling.
I was told before I went that it's more expensive to eat outside, we didn't find this was the case where we stayed but do check the menu inside compared to the one outside, restaurants can be sneaky.
I didn't find food to be overly pricey either, I think its just a case of deciding where to eat, I'm quite happy with any type of food to be honest.
Because we were near the Eiffel Tower too, me and Rachel went to the supermarket most nights and got nibbles and drinks to snack on in the evening on the grass just in front of the Eiffel Tower.
I saw lots of people with picnics and drinks and it was the perfect end to a tiring day on your feet.
A glass of wine with the Eiffel Tower glittering away on the hour really was and still is my idea of a perfect night.

I'd recommend Pizza a' Emporter for pizza, it was just around the corner from where we stayed and it was honestly the best pizza I have ever had.

Every night was spent sitting under here, from 9 o'clock the Eiffel Tower glittered on the hour for roughly 5 minutes, and so many people gathererd to watch it.
It really is one of them moments that truly take your breath away.

In my next post I will be popping up photos and telling you all about the trips that we took and places we visited so keep your eye out for part 2.

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