Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I'm Back.......

Long time no speak.

Its been over 6 months since I wrote on this corner of the web.
To be honest life did get in the way and I have had a busy year to say the least.
But there will be a few new changes on here.

I've moved into a house since with my husband- YAY, I am  finally a homeowner and I actually own a house.
I've had two holidays this year too - quite the jet setter it seems, I'm off back to Paris at the end of this month too for a long weekend.
I've started my own little online venture selling pet collars (cat collars for the moment) - which isn't live just yet but I'm hoping it will be with a little more time on my hands in the next few months - you can follow my Facebook page - DAINTY LUNA DESIGNS - to keep up to date with news regarding that.

I have lots of new posts popping up over the next few weeks so you can see what has been happening this year.

See you soon.


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Celebrating Valentines Day With Matalan ♥

With Valentines Day around the comer, you may be wondering what to buy that special someone or yourself as a gift.
Because I'm married now I don't like to go to OTT on valentines day, a evening in with a lovely home cooked meal and a movie is enough for me and Matalan's Valentines Day range has something for everyone.

I recently go to choose a few pieces from their Valentines day range to share with you.

Above is a lovely babydoll and string set which was only £12.00  - you can view that here - LINK.
Matalan's underwear range is so pretty, updating your underwear drawer regularly for these prices is fab and the sizing is pretty spot on too, I'm a size 10 normally so I ordered a medium in the baby doll and a size 10 in the 3 pack of underwear also feature above which was only £6 for the set, you can find this set here - LINK.

I was really impressed with Matalan's underwear rage and I will be updating my underwear drawer again very soon.

The other bits and pieces I chose were from Matalan's home wear range,
Again I always forget Matalan do home wear and they have some beautiful pieces.
 This set of three hanging hearts was only £6.00, they are no longer available online but you may find them in store. 
This cream heart shaped fruit basket was also £6.00 - LINK - and wire chicken egg basket was just so cute I couldn't not pick this, it was only £12.00 - you can find that here - LINK -
You can view all of Matalan's home wear range here - LINK.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my mini haul from Matalan.
Which pieces do you like the look of the most?

Monday, 25 January 2016

My Indulgence Hour At Intu Trafford Centre ♥

First of all a very belated Happy New Year, I have started this New Year extremely busy and I hope I can share with you what it is soon.

At the weekend I was invited to an indulgence hour at the Intu Trafford Centre around various concessions and stores.
The whole idea of my indulgence our was to think about the things you can do whilst you are shopping, sometimes when you do plan a shopping trip you don't actually think of anything else, I know I don't at times.

I have shopped at the Intu Trafford Centre since it opened, even worked there for a few years, my indulgence hour really made me think of this shopping center a little differently.

My first stop was the Estee Lauder stand in Selfridges, I'm always a little apprehensive approaching these stands as I'm never always sure what they offer or what to ask.
I was given a "Get The Glow" consultation by a lovely lady (I am so terrible with names.)
First of all she asked me about my skin and what I'd like to achieve using Estee Lauder products.
She picked out 3 key products that I could use in my night time/morning routine.
She used them on my face and explained what each one did, I even learnt that putting serum on after moisturizing was actually the wrong way to apply serum.
After applying these products to my face, a cleanser, serum and moisturizer, she used this cleaver machine which took photos of my face to match my skin tone up with the perfect foundation which she also applied to my face.
The consultation was about 20 minutes and their was no pressure to buy anything and I felt like I learned a lot and now I actually want to purchase these products.
I was given a few samples of the products that she had used on my face to take away with me.

My next stop was over to the eyebrow threading station situated at the back of Superdrug.
I have never had my eyebrows touched by a professional before, I like to tweeze mine myself but after getting my eyebrows threaded I would be quite tempted to get them done here again.
It wasn't too painful, it made my eyes water a tiny bit but I was quite surprised how fast the lady did it and she did a really good job.
I was really impressed afterwards, the only thing I did regret was not having any cooling gel afterwards on them, my eyebrows were pretty red afterwards - not a good look to walk around with - ooops.

My next stop was the Andrew Collinge Salon in Selfridges, I have never known about this salon the whole time it has been here, NEVER.
It is hidden away between a shoe concession but it's actually really big inside.
I was treated to a lovely blow dry which left me feeling very glamorous afterwards.
My hair was washed and massaged before it was blow dried into curls.
The lady did an amazing job and I even left with some of the goodies she had used on my hair.
If I was going on a night out I would definitely come back here again for a blow dry again.
I had so many compliments about my hair afterwards.
This would even by the perfect treat to fit in post shop.

My final stop was to The Body Shop for a mini makeover, I was greeted by one of the lovely assistants who told me all about the Drops of Youth range and the new additions to it, I love Drops Of Youth so I was excited to hear about the moisturizer they have released.
A girl called Gemma did my make up and she was such a lovely girl, we ended up having a nice little chat as she told me all about the products she was using and how she was applying them.
I'm normally a little cautious when other people do my make up but I put all my trust in her and I was not disappointed.
These mini make overs are a fab way to try The Body Shop's products and they are really good products, I'm a particular fan of their eye shadows and have a few in my collection.

This indulgence hour taught me a thing or too and I think next time I approach a concession or store I don't think I'll be too scared to ask about their products and if I can have a little demo.
Also if I fancy getting my hair done while I'm out shopping I'll be paying a visit to Andrew Collinge again as they also do drop in appointments.
and....if I need a quick eyebrow thread, I know I won't be waiting too long.

I was also treated to a complimentary meal at Bill's with my friends, Bill's has just opened in the restaurant area in the Intu Trafford Centre and it was my first time trying Bill's too.

We went for the pink lemonade - which was lovely by the way, I'd recommend it.
We shared a "Mezze Board" between three of us which included all different bits and pieces to dip into the array of dips we had.
We all ordered the Bills Burger with fries too, which  unfortunately we had to send back after a little mix up as we asked for it well cooked and it came out medium well but they apologized and soon brought our burgers back out freshly cooked and well done - we had no complaints after that, they went down extremely well.
We finally finished our meal off with dessert because why not,.....
We had the chocolate brownie and the Eton Mess - both which I highly recommend.
I loved my meal at Bills and I will be back, they have a fab 3 course offer available during the week.
We even left with sweeties which are available as a take out option.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my indulgence hour and hopefully I opened up a new world for you.


Friday, 4 December 2015

Beat Street | A Night At JunkYard Golf ♥

If your from Manchester, you may have heard of Beat Street in the Great Northern Warehouse (Where the AMC Cinema is situated)
They recently had a pop up Friday Food Fight which I went to in August - this is coming back for NYE - It was a lot of fun last time.
From the 24th November this year they have launced a pop up crazy golf park which is running till Sunday 13th December, priced at only £6.00 per person - TICKETS HERE .
  There are 9(ISH) holes which have basically been made from pretty much any rubbish they could find.
I saw all sorts which made up this crazy golf course such as a treadmill, slinky from Toy story, a train scalextric, a dog kennel, an ironing board, plates, teacups, a paddling pool, barbie, roof guttering and lots of other random bits and pieces - but it really worked and made this crazy golf course - WELL CRAZY.
I went with a few girls for some non competitive fun (we didn't even keep score) we had golf themed cocktails "Fairway to Heaven" & "Tee Diddy" the sweets on the side were a hit too.
Priced at £7.00 a piece, these cocktails were a pinch for what they were but we had a good night so it was worth it.
The food was quite yummy too, it's only basic - burgers, hotdogs, nacho's or fries - slightly better priced than the cocktails but.... it went down a treat after our crazy game of golf.

We stayed for a few hours here and had a good laugh, cocktails, crazy golf and burgers was a good combination for a good night and I had a really good time.
If you haven't got any plans in the upcoming week, buy tickets and go here with a few friends - It's a good laugh.
I can't wait to see what the creators have in store for 2016.
Here are a few photo from our night.

Have you heard of Beat Street or have you been here yet??

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary in Paris ♥

I wanted to pop this post up sooner, but the day it was due to go up was just after the Paris terrorist attacks, it deeply shocked and upset me, like I am sure it did with others and I didn't feel ready to publish this post at such a sad time - however now I feel ready to share this post.

If you follow me on Instagram or regularly read my posts you will know I recently (over two months ago) went to Paris with my husband for 4 days, it was my second time back this year and I loved it just as much this time round - you can read all about my last visit HERE & HERE.
Paris is such a big city with so many things to do, places to see and plenty of food to eat.
Me and my husband literally did so much in the 4 days we were there, we walked that much we were out like lights every night when we got back to our hotel but I appreciated it even more this time round, mostly because of Paris's beauty. (I'm still trying to get my head round why someone would want to harm this city)
Paris is such a beautiful city and it's architecture and sights never fail to amaze me.
We had an early morning flight from Manchester airport and we stayed in the - CAMPANILE PARIS 15 - TOUR EIFFEL hotel - I stayed here last time as it was literally on the doorstep of the Eiffel Tower.
It's majorly basic but how much time do you spend in your hotel? Not a lot.

We got round everywhere using the metro or the train, it was so easy to use and the Rome2rio app which you can download on your phone was very helpful and told us exactly how to get to where we wanted to go and how much it was going to cost.
As I had been to Paris before, it was my turn to show my husband the sights and on the first day we headed straight over to the Notre Dame Cathedral and got some french crepes right away - when in Paris. 

Our first night was spent with a few drinks under the Eiffel Tower, we were quite lucky we picked this night as it rained the rest of the two nights we were here.
It was blissful just sitting under here and watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle on the hour and talking about life.

The next day happened to be our wedding anniversary so we got up bright and early and opened our anniversary cards before getting crepes for breakfast and heading over towards the Eiffel Tower.
We weren't queuing for longer than an hour which was lucky as it got busier towards the end of the week and we saw bigger queues.
We got tickets to go all the way up to the top and it was a little scary but the views were well and truly breath taking as you can see from the photos below.

After we had spent some time here we hopped on the train over to Montmarte which was a lovely little village on the top of a large hill, this place is worth a visit for a few hours while your in Paris.
They had the cutest little side streets and the Sacre Coeur church was beautiful, I thought this church was more beautiful than Notre Dame and the inside was so enchanting, their was something about it that made me want to stay in there for hours.
You can also climb the 350 stairs to the top to enjoy even more breath taking views - I will be honest the spiral staircase was a little claustrophobic and at one point I though I might have a panic attack but I got to the top and the view was WOW.

After a while soaking up the views from the Scare Coeur we decided to get a bite to eat, there was so much choice but we ended up visiting a little patisserie bakery and we picked up a baguette for our lunch.
The desserts were a little tempting but we had to save ourselves for our romantic meal up the Eiffel Tower later on.
We visited the Moulin Rouge too, it was quite busy on the road round this area - I'd of loved to have come up here at night and see it lit up, maybe have even caught a live show.


After an afternoon in Montmarte we got on the train back to Champ Elysee's and took a walk down the long street lined with all the designer shops and visited the Arc De Triomphe, before heading back up towards our hotel.
We were shattered by the time we got back after being out all day so we took a nap for an hour or so before our meal which we had booked for 9.00PM up the Eiffel Tower.
Our meal up the Eiffel Tower was a truly special experience and maybe one that we will only do once in a lifetime.
We had a fantastic three course meal and I tried food I had never had before.
 If your thinking of dining up here for a special occasion - DO IT!!!

On our third day we were up bright and early again, despite the weather the night before, it was a lovely sunny autumn crisp morning so we used this an an opportunity to get some photos outside the Eiffel Tower together before we hopped on the train to go and visit the Chateau of Versailles.
I'd highly recommend this place to go for the day if you want a trip out somewhere different or somewhere more remote.
It was such a tiring day as because we walked everywhere, I'd recommend a bike or a buggy for the day next time (I actually sprained my back from walking as much as I did in Paris when I got home, so be careful)
There are 4 areas to visit in the Gardens Of Versailles, 
As you walk in your are mesmerized by the Palace Of Versailles where the history behind it is, that three of the french kings lived here before the french revolution.
In here you can see some of the most amazing works of art painted on the ceilings, the paintings and the historic interior is so beautiful and the hall of mirrors was absolutely breath taking to walk through,
Nothing quite prepares you for how big this palace really is, it would take a few hours to properly walk round this to take everything in - we visited here last and I think I was that tired from walking I didn't take it all in as I had hoped.

Next are the magnificent gardens which stretch on for miles.
We walked beyond the end of this photo in the far left hand corner to get to The Grand Trianon which was a smaller palace with similar paintings and historic decor to the Palace of Versailles, this was also beautiful.

My favourite place of all while visiting here was The Marie Antoinette Estate where Marie Antoinette lived, it was very private and hidden away- I loved that.
It had such beauty about it and the gardens and the areas that surrounded it were beautiful. 
The vintage furniture inside was amazing and this estate definitely had the woman's touch.

Not far from Marie Antoinette's house was the Queens Hamlets, which looked like a storybook village straight out of sleeping beauty.
The cottages still in there glory were situated here, 5 of these were reserved for the queen and her guests while 4 others were occupied by peasants back then.
There was a farm surrounding it which was a home for goats, chickens and a small selection of other farm animals.

 We spent most of our day here so when we had finished looking around, we headed towards the train station, we got some lunch and then headed back towards our hotel for a much needed short rest.
We spent our final night in Paris by going up to the very top of the Arc De Triomphe.
The walk up the stairs to the top wasn't as bad as the Sacre Couer but it was still a tough walk for me.
We stayed up there till the lights sparkled on the Eiffel Tower at 9.00pm before heading back to our hotel and stopping for pizza and cocktails on the way back.

Our flight back home was early lunch time the next day.
We had such an amazing time in Paris and I'm so glad I got to spend it with my husband for our second wedding anniversary.


Lots of Love

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