Monday, 9 March 2015

The 10 Joys & Perils That Come With Owning A Cat.... ♥

As demonstrated and written by Jimjam and Luna...

1. We like to run around and get into as much mischief as possible, usually after midnight or the early hours of the morning when your likely to be sleeping, it's more fun that way.

2. Don't expect to go to the toilet, have a shower or do anything ALONE, we will be there watching, waiting... we always need to know where you are ALWAYS.
Even at 2 o'clock in the morning we have to escort you to the kitchen and back when you get a drink

3. When we want something, usually dreamies we will look at you like this till you cave - we know you just can't resist them big eyes of ours.

4. We like to drink from the tap in the bath, it's more fun when we sit there and stare at it first for a very long time, it drives mum mad - then after half an hour we decide we'd much prefer it from the sink instead.

5. We love to unravel the toilet roll and shred it to's just so much fun.

6. Any spot that is yours will be claimed as our own.... that includes your pillow.

7. We love paper bags, we live for the days you go shopping in Primark, those particular bags are our favourite.

8. We love to fall asleep on you, normally just before you need to get up or you need to get the remote control, we are always so much more comfier.

9. We have our unique way of waking you up, especially at 5,30 in the morning when its time for breakfast, we also like to knock things off the side - sometimes it makes a nice change from your usual alarm clock.

10. No matter how naughty we can be sometimes, we want your attention because we love you and we will always be there for you, like you are for us.

Jimjam & Luna x

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February PurrBoxes - The Monthly Cat Box Of Toys & Treats ♥

*February PurrBoxes - £9.95 - Link.

Jimjam and Luna got a treat this month when this box of goodies from PurrBoxes came through my letterbox.
They were quite excited when I opened the package, particularly because it was a box - they had a good few hours of fun on Saturday morning taking it in turns to sit inside the box and play with tissue paper that came with it after I had unpacked everything.

This months PurrBox was February's, each month there is a cut of date you need to order by so you can receive your box on time - I have already subscribed to March's box.
For £9.95 a month and with no obligation to sign up to a subscription  - you can order single boxes too - you get enough goodies i'd say for one cat - for this instance Jimajm & Luna have shared.

In February's box Jimjam & Luna received:

* An Applaws Tuna Lion - which went down a right treat and didn't even touch the sides of there bowls.
*Wag Prrrrr Treats - Very tasty treats which I am still using for bribery.
*2 x Webbex Salami's - Jimjam & Luna have already tried these and they love them, it really is like a snack sized salami for your cat.
* A Months Supply Of Catnip - Which these two love, it sends them on a little bit of a crazy hype for about 10 minutes.
* A Months Supply Of Grass Seed's & Two Compost Pellets - I'm still yet to actually plant this, my two are indoor kitties so I'll make sure they do get to try this because it is beneficial for digestion (you get clear instructions included on how to plant this)
*Two Cat Toys Filled With Catnip - These are now probably under the sofa along with 1057886 cat toys, Luna in particular loved playing with these - kittens love everything.
* A Mint Glacier Sweet - Apparently mint is closely related to catnip and some cats like minty breath (my two weren't bothered) but it was an interesting fact.
*A Empty Box & Tissue Paper - A Cats Paradise.
*Free Delivery - What more can you ask for?

Overall I think this box is a fantastic way of treating your kitties each month without spending too much and it gives you something both to look forward too.
Your cats gets to try new foods, certain types of cat foods are only available in multi packs and if you have a pair as fussy as mine (they only eat gourmet and it has to be the fish variety in gravy) then this is a good way of letting them try something new.
You can also spend a bit of time playing with your kitties with some one on one time with the toys provided, not only will you get enjoyment out of it but your cat will appreciate the play time - especially if you have indoor cats like me - they need a lot of stimulation and exercise.
Each months box comes with a supply of cat grass seeds and compost pellets and catnip ensuring you don't run out.
You also get a bit of extra info about the featured product in your box - this months was the Tuna Lion and all treats come with listed ingredients.

Checking Out The Box - Jimjam was attracted to the Tuna Lion.
Luna playing fetch - her favourite game.

You can order your box by visiting PurrBoxes here - LINK.
All you simply do is fill out all your info and your box gets addressed personally to your cat - I can only imagine the look on my postman's face when he delivered mine.
Subscriptions are set up by direct debit which you can cancel at any point and the box is big enough to fit through your letterbox and comes neatly packaged up with all  the cat goodies inside via Royal Mail second class.
I was really pleased with this months box and so were my kitties.
 I can't wait to see what they receive in March's box.

Will you be treating your kitties this month??

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

February Primark, New Look, Dorothy Perkins Haul ♥

I really wish I did these posts more often, in fact I think I'll start posting them again because I love a good nosy just as much as the rest of us do.
Last Friday I hopped on the train down to Nottingham to see my bestie, we live 2 hours away so we can't see each other as often as we want, instead we plan in advance which also gives us chance to plan a shopping trip too.
I'm trying to cut back on buying clothes this year, because saving for a house is my number one priority at the moment so that means I can't splurge every payday. instead I treat myself to one or two items which are practical and I know I will get a lot of wear out of.

Firstly was a trip to Primark - I could of spent a fortune in here, I'm loving stripes and slogan t-shirts at the minute and Primark have loads I need.

From left to right - | Black crop top - £2.50 | Gold heart necklace - £1.50 | Blue jeggings - £7.00 | Peep toe shoes - £6.00 | Striped t-shirt bra - £2.50 | Matching underwear - £1.70 | 80 denier black tights - £2.00 |

I bought this crop top because I thought it would be perfect to wear with a high waisted skater skirt come spring & summer, I bought a black and white polka dot one recently in the sale from Glamorous so now I have this crop top to wear with it.
 These jeggings are always my go to, I love Primark's jean range, they wash well and last for ages, plus for £7.00 you can buy every single colour.
I always buy these tan peep toe shoes every year too, they always sell out fast, I tried to hunt some down in my local Primark last year and they told me they had been discontinued.
They go with everything and I love the laser cut pattern.
I love these t-shirt bra sets too I find they fit really well, they do some really cute patterns in this range too and for the price you can easily update your underwear drawer.
Tights - well you always need a pair - and I picked this heart necklace up because it was so cute, I'm not really a big fan of gold but I made an exception.

Skater dress - £5.00

They bring these skater dresses out every year too and I always buy them, they are just so practical for every day wear.
I did buy a few more bits from Primark but I ended up taking them back because they didn't fit right.

I'll move along to New Look next, I seem to have bought a lot from here recently, they just seem to sell everything I'm after at the moment.

Red cropped t-shirt - £12.99 - Link

I picked this up because I loved the red colour, its quite summery and bright and I just thought it would go with everything - the material is polyester so it doesn't crease or loose shape.
I always pick tops up made out of polyester - it makes my ironing life easier.

Grey floral print t-shirt - £17.99 - Link

This is one of them tops that tend to look better on than they do on the hanger, its quite long so you could wear it with jeans or over leggings as a dress.
The pink flowers against the grey really works, I don't normally wear grey either.

Basic Striped Long Sleeved Top - £5.99

You can't go wrong with a basic long sleeved top, these are perfect for everyday casual wear and I love that you can throw them on over anything - I think I'll end up buying a few more of these.

Crocodile Texture Ankle Boots - £17.99

 I needed these boots as soon as I saw them, I don't normally go for a crocodile texture but it just seems to really work with these grey boots and I've had a few compliments already.
Whenever I do buy a new pair of boots, it is usually New Look I head too because they sell lots of really nice ones.

Scalloped hem t-shirts - £12.99 - Link.

I actually bought these last month but wanted to include them in this post anyway.
I only really paid for one, I ordered them when there was a glitch on the New Look website and it was £15.00 off a £15.00 spend but you had to spend over £20.00 to get free in store delivery, so I got both colours.
Pastels seem to be back again this year and I love the scallop edging on these.

Bambi pajamas - £15.00. 

Lastly moving onto Dorothy Perkins, I went into this shop because I had a £10.00 voucher to spend, I don't normally shop in Dorothy Perkins, their stuff is a bit hit and miss and too pricey for me but I did spot these cute Bambi Pajamas in the sale for £15.00, so I got them for £5.00 technically.
I love the bottoms, they have little bambi 's and butterflies on them.

I also bought few non related clothing items.

This hanging heart tea light holder was £1.00 in Poundland - I've hung it in my window - it has a long chain and a hook attached to the top of the heart.

My bestie picked me up these before I visited, she knew how much I love Care Bears - yes I know I'm 26 - so she got these footlet slippers in the Primark sale for £2.00 and this cute hanging butterfly which was £1.50 because well...I absolutely adore butterflies - thank you Rachel.

Finally, with the new Barry M nail polish launch I had to try one of the new quick dry nail polishes, the colour I got is crossed between a grey/lilac - they do dry faster than their other polishes - these are £3.99 each and I also picked up the plumpy top coat for £2.99 which leaves your nails very shiny - a bit like a gel manicure - if anyone wants a review - comment down below.

So that's my most recent haul this year!!
Have you bought any of these items too??

Monday, 16 February 2015

Feel Good February | Show Yourself Some Love ♥

February is usually the month you show your significant other how much you love them on "Valentines Day"
But I think we get a little bit too caught up with this and everyday life in general and we do forget to take a few minutes each day to show ourselves a bit of LOVE....
Daily we are constantly surrounded by images in magazines, television and social media sites that in our mind we think are "perfect" sometimes when I see these pictures I have them moments of self doubt like some of us do time to time, it's the all to familiar "I'm not pretty enough" or "I wish I had her body, job, life" it can be a vicious cycle of comparing ourselves to others.
But personally - and I'm guilty of this - we don't take time out in our busy everyday lives, to look in a mirror and say what we love about ourselves, instead of comparing.

As part of a campaign I was asked to participate in, I had to spend a few minutes each day looking in this *mirror - usually when I was doing my make up - and personally tell myself what I loved about me and why I thought I was awesome.
It meant giving myself a compliment daily which I do struggle with.

I'm quite an insecure person at times and I do find myself comparing myself to others a lot more than I should - I mean we are only human.
Personally I never mind a good selfie, when people do post them, my first conclusion isn't always to think that it's vanity related.
I think if you think you look good, or you feel great, tell people, its better to build each other up rather than tear each other down, sometimes we need to see that as the bigger picture.
Don't be ashamed of posting a photo if you think your make up, hair, or your outfit looks good that day, its okay to feel good about yourself and most of all give yourself a bit of self love.

This campaign made me realize that I should compliment myself more on a daily basis, even about things that I have achieved recently that I should be proud of, especially if others haven't given you recognition  for it.
Its not just telling yourself what you love about about yourself in terms of looks but the un- materialistic things too and why you think YOU are amazing.

One of the things I have done to help me this year was starting my "Happy Jar" you can read my post about that here.
Each day I write down a single thing that has made me happy, this has included a bit of self love and a compliment every now and again to remind me what I love about myself and my life.
At the end of the year I intend on reading all of these (all 365) of them.

So next time your scrolling through your social media sites or flicking through a magazine or your watching television and you start to get them familiar feelings of self doubt.
Stop them in their tracks and focus on the reasons why you love you and your life, take a few minutes each day to think about these things and start your day with some positivity.

Do you give yourself enough self love?

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sweets For My Sweet | Valentines Day ♥

*Love Hearts Mini Jar - £8.00 - Retro Sweet - Link.

My favourite gift to receive is sweets or chocolate - nothing quite says I love you unless its sweet related.
I absolutely adore love hearts, I rekindled my love for them  again when I got given a retro sweet tin for Christmas, I love how fizzy they are - and the little phrases are so cute - I love picking ones out to give to Daz.

I had these packs of Love Hearts at my wedding in Cyprus, personalized with "Mr & Mrs Chadderton" and they were a hit with everyone, so they really reminded me of them too.

You an buy one of these jars from Retro - Sweet - they have a extensive range of of Valentines Day gifts, which can all be personalized to show your love and give that extra special touch - I know I'd be pretty happy receiving sweets for Valentines Day.

If you haven't heard of Retro Sweet before. they did used to be formally known as back in 2011, they are well established and have been supply retailers such as TK Maxx for nearly 10 years, so they are  brand you may be familiar with.

Whether it's Valentines Day or a special occasion , Retro Sweet should be your go to for your sweetie needs.

Will you be hoping for sweeties this Valentines Day??

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My January Favourites ♥

I love reading these on my favourite blogs, and since its a new year and all I thought I too could introduce you to my monthly favourites each month.
Let me know if you enjoy reading this post - I'm hoping to stay on board and post one of these types of posts each month, bringing you my favourite beauty products, items of clothing, jewelry, books ect and hopefully inspire you in some way.

So here we go.

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Stop - £29.50 - Benefit - Link.

You will be quite shocked to know that I've rarely tried many benefit products, I think the price scares me a little bit sometimes because I don't want to feel like I've wasted my money if I buy something that is "hyped" about isn't really that good. Benefit products in the blogger world are "hyped" about a lot I think.
This cheeky sweet stop blush set was given to me as a gift by my best friend for Christmas and I can honestly say "where have you been all my life" this little tin has a blush for every season and the colours are just spot on.
I normally stick to the one blush all year round, I use a bronzer in the summer but that's been about it.
You can see that dandelion and CORALlista have been my go to's this month, I have loved using CORALista and adding a bit of dandelion right on the apples of my cheeks.
I will definitely purchase this tin again, the colours are all so pretty and the packaging is beyond adorable, meaning I can take it everywhere with me.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £3.33 - Boots - Link.

I first learned about this product through blogging and I bought a bottle a few months ago last year and I was so impressed, its now included in my everyday routine.
I use it at night to remove make up - it literally just melts everything away onto a cotton pad and leaves me with fresh skin - my skin has cleared up a lot since using this - and its a godsend after a night out, you can take your make up off without a mirror.
I also use it every morning too.
A bottle can last me around 3 months and its normally about £4.99 - Boots have a third off the price at the minute - so if you've been wanting to try a micellar cleansing water - this one by Garnier is fantastic.

Real Techniques Brushes - Nicks Picks Make Up Brush Set - £29.99 - Boots - Link & The Core Collection - £21.99 - Boots - Link.

I don't know where these brushes have been all my life either.
My husband bought me the Nick's Pick's Make- Up Brush Set for Christmas last year and I was addicted ever since, so much so I ended up treating myself to The Core Collection a few days later.
The Core Collection has made my life so much easier with each individual brush having its own unique job - the buffing brush is a fave of mine - and the eyeliner brush from the Nick's Pick's Collection is really good at helping me me add detail to my eyebrow's.
If your after a good quality make up brush set then these brushes should be your number one purchase.

Peacocks Handbag - £6.20 - Select Scarf - £2.00- bought in-store.

These were my monthly bargains, I was after a new black bag for everyday use and this one happened to be reduced from £15 too £8 in the sale at Peacocks and with a cheeky 20% staff discount on top I bought it for £6.20 - bargain -so it cost next to nothing and I got my new bag.
I also picked up this scarf in the Select sale, I'm still a huge fan of checked prints and this scarf was perfect to go with my work wear and this was reduced from £4.00 to £2.00 - I love the pink detail on it.

Paper Towns - John Green - Amazon - £3.85 - Link.

After reading The Fault In Our Stars in January last year and seeing the film, I couldn't wait to read this book, it will be out later this year as a film and with all films by John Green, I think I prefer to read the book first.
I'm almost finished with it and I will be happy to do a review if anyone wants me too.
The book has gripped me from the start and it has been hard to put down - John Green is a different author to someone I'd normally read but what I like about his stories is that they are all unique and different - his books have been hard to put down.

Soooo.... that's it for my January favourites - I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back next month with my February favourites.

Friday, 6 February 2015

14 Unbelievable Marriage Proposals ♥

I was asked if I wanted to share this on my blog and I couldn't say no, I'm a true romantic at heart and if you are too then you will love watching some of these YOUTUBE video's below featuring some of the most romantic marriage proposals EVER.
My favourites have to be number 10 and 11 - try and watch some of these without crying.

View original version (via Two Little Fleas).

Which ones are your favourite??

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