Friday, 15 August 2014

Summer With Yankee Candles & Wax Lyrical ♥

I can never seem to get enough of Yankee Candles, since I discovered them I have countless wax tarts, tea lights, votive samplers and jars of all sizes lying around my little flat.
 I simply can not stop buying them because I am a Yankee Candle and a general candle addict.

Scented Candle Shop kindly sent me these goodies after reading I was quite the candle addict, 
I've been a fan of there online shop for some time particularly because they have great offers on all the time on their candle ranges and they have a monthly offer where particular scents have 25% off,
You can save you quite a bit of money especially if your buying the big jars which are only £14.99 each, they have a burn time of  roughly 90 - 150 hours, so they will last you quite a while - I still have my Christmas scents left over from last year.

I picked out these two summer scents which I hadn't tried before.

"Waikiki Melon" is a subtle fruity scent which has a nice sweet smell which isn't too overpowering, I'd say this is quite a summery scent and is one you should have burning if its a lovely sunny day, if you close your eyes you can try and imagine your on a tropical beach somewhere - I wish- the smell is very exotic and does actually remind me of fruity cocktails, 
I've burnt this one the most - can you tell I've been daydreaming a little bit to much about that beach.

"Black Coconut" is more of a fresh lingering scent, I love the smell of coconut, again sticking to the summer theme it reminds me of past summer holidays using palmers coconut butter and coconut shampoo's and conditioners, the smell is quite strong, enough to fill a room or my small flat but again not to overpowering.
This is why I love Yankee Candles, because they use good quality oils in their products.

I can't seem to choose my favourite between these two, I think I like them both for different reasons.
If I was recommending them both to you, I'd say to buy both, summers nearly over but if your feeling in a bit of an exotic mood, I don't see why you couldn't burn these.

One particular brand I have always wanted to try too is Wax Lyrical, and I was also sent a few of these small votives to test out myself, I used my butterfly tea light jar that I got for my birthday to burn these.
I was quite impressed with this brand, I could get at least 6 hours worth of burning time out of these with a scent - I think they are ideal if you want a nice relaxing night in or you have people round.
 For £1.49 you can't really complain.
 The scents were quite light too which I liked.
I'd be more tempted to buy the larger jars in the future.

You can buy from the Scented Candle Shop here - Link.

What are your favourite Yankee Candle scents for Summer?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Visit To Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium ♥

A few weeks ago when me and Daz went to London for the weekend, one of the places I had wanted to visit for some time was Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium - Link.
 Being a crazy cat lady, the opportunity to drink tea and eat cake surrounded by cats was my idea of heaven really.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is an opportunity for those who love cats or can't have cats, to have a cup of tea and a bite to eat while being in the company of furry felines, the cafe is perfectly furnished to meet all the kitties natural needs, providing them with a safe place to live harmoniously together .

We had tried to book online when I knew we were going to London a few weeks before, however I was really disappointed to find that this cafe was fully booked till Oct, you can imagine my disappointment - they do get cancellations but I didn't come across any.

When we arrived in London and had put our suitcases in our hotel, we thought we would try our luck and go down for a visit, you never know.
We got the underground from Canary Wharf to Liverpool Street Station and walked for about 15 minutes with the help of Google Maps.

When we arrived, we were greeted to this cute sight in the window, the window displays were all cat friendly and gave you a sneak peek of the cute kitties that were inside, a lot of people stopped when they walked past, kitties in a cafe window isn't normally a sight you could get used to seeing, its not something you see everyday.

We went inside to see if there were any cancellations and the lady behind the counter told us that there were no spaces but if we wanted to hang on till 2.00pm a few people may not show up.
We waited for about 45 minutes, some may have thought "I'll leave it", but I really wanted to visit this cafe - you see I have a bit of an obsession with these four legged animals, even though I have a perfectly gorgeous cat at home.

2.00 pm came and went, then we got the good news that there was two spaces available, two people hadn't shown up, you can imagine my excitement - always try and see if you can get a last minute appointment like we did if you weren't lucky booking online.

We were given a brief talk about the cats that were inside and what we could and couldn't do and how the best way to approach them was - sleeping cats no matter how cute they look shouldn't be disturbed.
The admission fee was £5 per person which I didn't mind paying because I know the money goes towards the care of the cats.

We washed and dried our hands before entering at the sink, don't worry about touching the cats and then touching food, there is a toilet available to wash you hands properly in and each table has a hand sanitiser available, you can also wash your hands again on the way out.

The cafe had a nice calm atmosphere to it and you could definitely tell the cats owned this cafe, all the furniture has been adapted so they can get around easily and they could pretty much snooze wherever they wanted.
We may have gone at the time of day where they all fancied having a snooze rather than a play.
There were a few cats that were awake but they didn't seem that up for playing, the warm weather may had played a part in it too.

The food wasn't too badly priced, what you expect for a cafe, there was plenty of cake options and the red velvet cake I ordered was amazing, the only thing I could fault was the ordering service and the time it took to deliver the food, it was pretty slow considering there weren't that many people in the cafe at once.
(Sorry there are no foodie photos we were too distracted)

All the cats seemed friendly, I saw no sharp claws on my visit and, there were plenty of cats toys to entertain the cats with, although if they are anything like my cat, they probably do get bored of the same toys after a while depending what mood they are in.
There were brushes to groom the cats with, "Mue" particularly liked a good groom.

The cats seemed well looked after and healthy and like they were living the life really, if  I could chill out the way they were everyday I'd be happy.

Above are all the cute photo's I took of these kitties, I've matched them up with their names as well as I could, there were to many similar faces and names to remember them all in one visit.

Would I say this cafe is worth all the hype?? I'd recommend a visit if your in London, but probably not somewhere I would visit again, 
I do think it is one of them places you can only experience the once, the cats aren't very playful - maybe I was expecting too much and I thought they would be all be like my cat -  I suppose every cat is different though and they all have their own personalities.
We all know that they will only give you attention if they feel like it, so if your cat is always in your lap, don't expect the same from these kitties.

We may have just got unlucky, not everyone's experience is the same - this cafe is something unusual that you can experience.
 Where else can you drink a cup of tea in a public place and be in the good company of a cat??

Have you been to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium?
What was your visit like?

Friday, 1 August 2014

Win A Summer Dreamer Limited Edition Playsuit From The Fashion Bible ♥ [CLOSED}

Hi lovelies I have a little competition live on my blog today for the next two weeks to win this beautiful limited edition coral playsuit from The Fashion Bible.

I was sent this item for review but unfortunately it is far to short for me so the lovely people over at The Fashion Bible said I can give it away to one of you girls.
It is a size S - so will fit a UK 8- 10.
There is only one playsuit available so you can enter to win it for yourself or a friend. 
Open worldwide - I will post it out myself personally to you.
To enter just fill out the form below.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Sunny Weekend In London, What I Wore & What I Got Up To ♥

| *Palm Tree Print Kimono - Best Clothing - Link | Lace Edge Denim Shorts - Select - Vintage | Navy Cami - Style Loft - Link | Shoes - Primark | Black Flower Clutch Bag - Select - Link | Bracelet - Present From Friend |

At the weekend me and the husband got the train down to London from Manchester to stay over for the night.
Originally we were one of the many who had payed for a ticket for the "Secret Cinema Presents Back To The Future" event that was taking place over the next two months, however us and the thousands of others got the bad news that they were having to cancel the event for the week due to unforeseen circumstances.
Well secret cinema you can kindly kiss my ass, despite the bad news and the money wasted, we still had an excellent weekend in London.

We stayed at the Hilton Hotel At Canary Wharf, which we got a good deal for on along with 10% cash back which ended up paying for our breakfast the next morning.
The hotel was lovely, with all this warm weather we've had, it was actually a relief to have air con in our room which also meant we got a good nights sleep.
The rooms were spacious and had all the amenities you'd expect including a pretty good hairdryer and a shower I couldn't get out of the next morning.
We really enjoyed our night here and we'd stay again.

Our hotel was situated right next the underground which was only a 5 minute walk over the bridge and the view overlooked the O2 Arena, so this hotel was placed in the perfect area really. 
There was also a big shopping center nearby which also had a Tesco Metro - the perfect place to buy some goodies to take back to your hotel - I just can't justify mini fridge & room service prices.

When we arrived, we were able to check in early instead of the 2.00 pm time we were given at the time of booking, that gave us chance to leave our suitcase in our room and go out and explore.
Because we were meant to be going to the Secret Cinema event, we didn't have any plans of where we were going go or what we were going to do, so we went with the flow and decided to see where the day took us.

I really wanted to go to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium but we had tried to make a booking online a few months before but it was booked up completely, we decided to go down anyway on the underground just to see if there was any cancellations and would you believe it there was - trip to London made - I'll be putting up a separate post about the kitty cafe hopefully sometime next week so keep your eyes peeled.

We had bought a day ticket for the underground so we used that to go everywhere on the Saturday, we visited Leicester Square to do all the typical London sightseeing, 
Then we had a walk along the River Thames, we weren't fussed about doing any tours or the London eye because we've done and seen it all already so we just had a bit of a walk about really, there was quite a lot going on down here and there was a Festival Of Love on which which was celebrating the same sex couple act.
We ended up walking from the London Eye to The Tower Bridge- I think I burnt about 1000 calories just walking around today.
Luckily it was really gorgeous weather, a whopping 28 degrees too, which we aren't used to in England.
After a bit of sight seeing, we went back to our room and relaxed for an hour, I had a sneaky 15 minute nap.

In the evening we got ready to go out, we got the underground to the O2 Arena, it was my first time here so I wasn't prepared for how big it was.
We ended up in good old TGI Fridays, we figured they wouldn't let us down and they didn't....
We got two huge cocktails to drown our sorrows - it worked because we forgot all about you secret cinema.
We both shared some appetizers and got the "Jack Daniels Sesame Chicken Strips" and "Garlic Bread " 
Then we both ordered out mains "Fridays Double Glazed Jack Daniel’s" - Jack Daniel’s sweet ‘n’ smoky glaze, Monterey Jack cheese, Jack Daniel’s 
candied bacon and Fridays mayo served with Crispy Fries - I'm drooling thinking about it again.
Daz tried his best #BURGERFACE.
The food was amazing, and we'd eaten pretty late so we headed back to the hotel for a few drinks back in our room before hitting the bed - we were pretty tired after today - and full.

We woke up early the next morning so we could have breakfast, grab a shower and get ready so we had a bit more time in London before our train home later.
After we had checked out we left out suitcases with the hotel and we got onto the underground to Camden so we could visit the Camden Markets, again I have never been here before but it is a shoppers paradise. There was food everywhere you went which didn't help because not only did it look and smell good, I was still full from last night and breakfast - but it didn't stop me eyeing up the doughnut stand.
I loved all the little market stalls in Camden, there were some really unique shops, I'd love to come back when I had more time and money.

After a few hours here, we headed back to the underground and got on it to the O2 Arena again.
 Daz really wanted to go on the Emirates Air Line which gave you a fantastic view of London from a cable car, it was about £13.50 for a return journey for both of us, we also got 25% off because we had bought day tickets from the underground.

We got off on the other side but there wasn't much to see or do, there was a few bars and a little beach area but we didn't really want to eat or drink still so we had another wander before we jumped back onto the air line again and headed back towards the O2.

When we got back to the O2, we walked about to see what else there was to do other than eat at all the bars and restaurants and we came across the Sky Studios where you could go behind the scenes of the show, which was all completely free.
We got to take some silly photos against a green screen and even had a go at presenting some of the latest headlines on camera which they recorded, they told us to go online later so we could download it to watch, we weren't pro's but it was a good laugh - and that video is staying on facebook.

We had a nice nights break in London and we did plenty, you may have disappointed your customers Secret Cinema but London didn't disappoint us.

Friday, 25 July 2014

My Birthday at Biddulph Grange Garden And What I Wore ♥

| Floral Skort - Primark - £7.00 | Blue Camisole - Select - £6.00 | Orange Peeptoes - Primark - £6.00 |  Pink Bag - Primark |

On Monday the 21st of July it was my birthday, I think I'm getting to the point now where I am enjoying birthdays less unless I'm sat on the beach in Barbados with a cocktail in each hand.

The weather was lovely
 so I really wanted to get out and enjoy it, its not often I get a Monday off and it is actually sunny - we got lucky with all this nice weather.
Me and the hubby drove up to Staffordshire to visit Biddulph Grange Gardens, my grandad had told me all about here and suggested I should visit.

Owned by The National Trust these gardens have some of the prettiest flowers from all over the world.
Created by James Bateman to show his collection of plants from all over the world these gardens take you on a journey all over the world, to Italy, the pyramids of Egypt, China and a recreation of a Himalayan Glen.
One of my favourite parts of these gardens was the victorian vision of China, this was where my outfit photo was taken, it was just so colourful and different to anything I'd seen before.

We took a picnic with us and sat by the lake for half and hour in the sun, by then the clouds had shifted and the sky was blue, it was a nice way to spend a relaxing birthday and I had a lovely afternoon.
I would recommend a day here when its nice, its a nice little walk too and if you have little one's and want a nice family afternoon out.
Admission is £7.50 per adult and £3.77 per child you can read more on the website here - link.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too, if your following me on instagram - xxmrschaddertonxx - you can sneak a peek at what I got for my birthday.

If you have a camera these gardens are perfect, I got some lovely shots which I included in this post.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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